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    Chup Chup Ke

    By Super Admin

    By: Joginder Tuteja, IndiaFM

    Friday, June 02, 2006

    Priyadarshan and Himesh Reshammiya come back together with Chup Chup Ke after their association in Kyon Ki. Though the music in the Salman-Karrena starrer was good, it couldn't go an extra distance due to the film failing at the box office. Times have changed quickly with Reshammiya being the hottest selling composer/singer today, Priyadarshan basking in the glory of twin successes in the form of Garam Masala and Maalamaal Weekly while Shahid-Kareena finally getting a HIT in the shape of 36 China Town. All this combined with the comic power of Paresh Rawal, Om Puri, Rajpal Yadav and Shakti Kapoor along with Sunil Shetty and Neha Dhupia makes CCK a hot product this summer. Sameer, who is practically writing for more than 50% of the films releasing these days, is the lyricist for CCK too! Reshammiya's favorite DJ Akbar Sami takes care of the remixing department.

    If a film's composer is Himesh Reshammiya then it is must for an album to have a song sung by him. Shaadi Se Pehle has been the only exception in last few months and everyone knows what happened to its music sales! There is a certain expectation that a music lover has from his films now and CCK doesn't disappoint as Reshammiya pairs up with his favorite co-singer Tulsi Kumar for 'Shabbe Firaq'. It's the melody of 'Aa Re Aa Re' that sets the tune for the song that has Reshammiya going all out while crooning the opening lines. A great fusion of Middle-East, Indian and Western music, 'Shabbe Firaq' has chartbuster written all over it and has already helped the album take a good start at the music stores. A rhythmic dance track that goes at a decent pace rather than rushing its way through, this well written number with fresh lyrics has been picturized innovatively by music video director Kookie V Gulati with the help of some imaginative sets. With DJ Akbar Sami coming to the scene, the proceedings were always meant to become further engrossing and the result is there for everyone to be seen. Pace picks up, scenario gets livelier and it's time to hit the dance floors. A small piece of information here - all those who have accused Reshammiya of singing with a nasal twang would have to find some another reason to put him down after hearing him singing on a different note altogether!

    It's Himesh Reshammiya himself who croons the title of the song 'Dil Vich Lagya Ve' twice before handing over the singing reins to Sonu Nigam who sings the number in a full throated manner and lots of energy. Newcomer Akriti Kakkar, who has mostly sung remixes in the past (notably being 'Rangeela Re' that was shot on Deepal Shaw) joins Sonu Nigam and comes across as a pro who has innumerous playback numbers to her credits in the past. Kunal Ganjawala appears after a while and does a great job along with the two singers to make 'Dil Vich' a smashing dance number set to an Indian contemporary tune. A rhythmic number that has Shahid Kappor giving his all while dancing along, it is The Best song in the recent times from Reshammiya that had some other singer than the composer himself. There have been some songs in Banaras, Shaadi Se Pehle, 36 China Town and Phir Hera Pheri in recent times that were sung by a singer other than Reshammiya but none of these songs had a potential to be a Hit. Hearing 'Dil Vich', it's quite sure that this should be the one that would go an extra distance. And why not when you have Akbar Sami's remixed version to add on to the original to present the song in an altogether different 'avtar'?! While the proceedings were completely Indian in the original, Akbar Sami adds on a Western effect to it to enhance the song's reach to pubs, discs and lounges.

    Before Reshammiya himself had started crooning, one of his favorite singers was K.K. The talented singer arrives on the scene again with 'Ghoomar' that has Sunidhi Chauhan pairing up with him. Based on Rajasthani/Gujrati folk music, the song is given a different touch altogether to make it fit into the Bollywood scheme of things. A rhythmic number that may not be the most unique tune that you may have heard in the past, it is still good enough to keep you engaged due to its rhythmic approach and some loud musical arrangements that suit with the racy fun feel of the song. 'Ghoomar Re' is one of those songs that mostly remain unaffected even if presented in a remix version. Overall the song may not have a chartbuster appeal but its filler capability helps the album to sail on.

    The rhythm of 'RE' continues with 'Shabbe Firaq [Aa RE, Aa RE]', 'Dil Vich Lagya RE', 'Ghoomar RE' to 'Aaya RE'. A number with the kind of lyrics that only Sameer can write [Aaya Re Dil Tumpe Aaya Re Chaya Re Nasha Chaya Re], 'Aaya Re' is a kind of Reshammiya song that has brought him into limelight for last few years since he started composing for Salman Khan films. A song by Kunal Ganjawala, Sunidhi Chauhan and Arya that does well in both the versions, be it an original that has a distinct Reshammiya melody to the remix by Akbar Sami that changes its mood by moving at a rapid pace without giving you a breather at all, 'Aaya Re' is yet another good song in succession for Chup Chup Ke that maintains a good standard throughout. After hearing the two versions, one feels that the essence of the song is more interesting in its original version and this is what one may be inclined to hear if looking for some good melody!

    With singers like Vijay Yesudas and Shreya Ghoshal credited for a song, one expects the proceedings to mellow down a little and turn outright melodious. The beginning of 'Tumhi Se' promises just that and when Vijay Yesudas begins his crooning, you can't just help but admire the newcomer's singing prowess. Son of the great music maestro Yesudas, Vijay's voice does resemble his father's when it comes to depth but overall does well to manage an identity of its own. A soulful number that has peace written all over it, 'Tumhi Se' is a romantic number that has Shreya Ghoshal, one of the most suited voice today for songs of this genre, giving him good company. Reshammiya comes up with a tune that is so unlike his style, past or present, and should win the hearts of even his detractors. Kunal Ganjawala, who is now easily amongst the Top-5 singers in Bollywood today gets his share with an unplugged version of the same song and ensures that his effort doesn't go in vain. If there is any song that comes with a 'Surprise' tag associated with it, it is 'Tumhi Se'. The song may not be an instant coffee but is definitely a 'lambi race ka ghoda'!

    The only song in the album that has only one version associated with it, 'Mausam Hai Bada Qatil', is a Sonu Nigam single and has its opening tune set to the 60s fashion. On hearing closely, one realizes that the rhythm has some resemblance to Reshammiya's own 'Aa Meri Life Bana De' [Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaaye] but he arranges the music in such a manner that it comes across as a number that could have made none other than a Rajendra Kumar or a Shammi Kapoor sing it along. From someone like Sonu Nigam, the least that you expect is a good rendition and he (obviously) does well here too! A good song to end the album!

    After 36 China Town, Himesh Reshammiya can easily assure himself yet another popular soundtrack that is worthy of entering the Top-5 charts in a couple of weeks to come. Now is the time to up the tempo of the music promotion and bombard the music channels with all the songs for getting the album its due.

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