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    Krishna - Music Review

    By Super

    By: Joginder Tuteja, IndiaFM

    Wednesday, September 13, 2006

    Last year it was Hanuman and this festive year it is the turn of Krishna to arrive on screens. Directed by Aman Khan, Krishna is an animated film that has been in the making for long but is now finally ready for release after an extensive post production. Rajendra Shiv is the composer of the film while Bapi-Tutul join for a couple of tracks.

    Kumar Sanu is quite an unlikely candidate for singing a song in a movie like Krishna because of his association with romantic songs in the past. 'Makhan Koi' is the track in picture which is about the escapades of young 'Krishna' who loves to relish 'makhan, break 'matkis' and steal the clothes of 'gopis'. Highlight of the song is the sound of flute that comes at the beginning and is also heard for short durations between the 'antaras'. Sunidhi Chauhan coming along with Kumar Sanu may have normally resulted in a mushy love song but in this case the outcome is strictly devotional as the two sing a duet version of 'Makhan Koi'.

    Surprise comes in the form of 'Aayo Nathkhat Nandlala' that has been given a western nursery rhyme treatment with some bits and pieces of English lyrics too. Alisha Chinoy leads the pack with Anupam, Barbie, Amod, Carl and Carol joining in. This number too is devotional but has been treated differently to appeal to urban children. For some reasons, there are a few 5-7 second pieces from devotional tracks belonging to old Hindi films added too! To make it 'look' like an album of today, there is a 'remix version' of the song added as well though it doesn't really add much value.

    For a film like this, a song by Sukhwinder Singh is much expected. 'Aao Padhare Krishna' is the song rendered by him where he is in his characteristic full throated best. Narrating the childhood of Krishna, the song also touches upon the greatness of the Lord and how He arrived on the earth to eliminate the evil and uplift the suppressed.

    Asad Ajmeri writes 'Baat Hai Yeh To' which is about being happy and making others happy by conveying the message of love and togetherness all around. The best composed and sung song of the enterprise so far, it is mainly due to Sonu Nigam's presence in the track that makes it special. The track has a cooling effect that also comes from the fact that Rajendra Shiv's arrangements are quite soothing.

    Sound of flute is the starting point for 'Brindavan' that gives it a melodious and ear pleasing beginning. Based on 'pahadi' folk tune, 'Brindavan' is sung by Sunidhi Chauhan where she is supported by chorus girls. A song about 'gopis' being in love with 'kaanha' who frequents them in 'brindavan', it has Rajendra Shiv joining in Sunidhi towards the latter part of the song. Remix of even this track? That's the though which crosses the mind on reading the credits for the song that follows. Thankfully it is just the sound of 'dandiya' that is added to the original for the 'remix' version.

    Guest composers Bapi-Tutul and lyricist Sandeep Nath are roped in for a track which is about the arrival of a new 'yug' - 'Krishna Kaal'. A short yet passionate track about how things would change in future with the arrival of Krishna, it also includes the theme rhythm of 'Aayo Natkhat Nandlala' towards the end. Bapi-Tutul are also responsible for 'Theme Music' which seems more as an amalgamation of background pieces from different parts of the films. The mood keeps changing from being sober to naughty to high energy and then intense.

    Krishna has an ordinary score that has its moments but in the final result doesn't really have much retention power to make a listener come back to it again and again. Those who are fond of devotional music may want to give an ear or two to 2-3 tracks but for regular 'junta' who have a set expectation from a Hindi movie score there is nothing much in store for them due to the film's genre.

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