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Swami - Music Review... Contd.

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There is some more pain to arrive on scene as Hariharan sings De Jab Duaayen (The Loss) . With just a couple of instruments in the background for the first one minute of the track s duration, it is almost an unplugged version for Hariharan before Chitra comes into picture with her crooning of Swami . Ending is just right as the theme sound of flute makes an impression yet again.

It s back to piano and flute with Talaash (Search) which is yet another instrumental to arrive on the scene. This time around sitar is also used for a short while to bring on the sound of the theme piece before piano is reintroduced into the proceedings. Aankhon Ki (Memories) is a track by Chitra which is a sad version of Swami and also has Hariharan joining in the latter half of the track.

Finally there is some sense of a happy mood in the album with the arrival of Ta Ra Ri Ra (Innocence) . Piano and violins come together to create a feel good tune on the lines of the music of 60s while children come together to croon Ta Ra Ri Ra to further give the track a push. The mood reverses soon with Vyakul (Agony) which, as apparent from the title itself, is a slow moving musical piece with large pauses in between. Longest musical piece in the album (3 minutes), it seems befitted for a situation during the film s climax.

Hariharan is heard after a gap with Radhe (Missing) where all he is required to croon is Radhe Radhe with a feeling of sadness being imparted to the surroundings. The album ends with Dhyaan (Awakening) that has the soothing sound of a flute dominating the proceedings with violins joining in after a minute. Yet again, Chitra joins in to croon in a manner similar to Shubharambh to give the track a classical touch.

Soundtrack of Swami proves yet again that director Ganesh Acharya has looked for creative satisfaction than thinking much about the commercial aspects of making this film. The soundtrack carries a classical touch to it throughout and though it is easy on ears, it is a kind of album that has a miniscule audience for itself. An album mainly made of background theme pieces, it is a decent effort but mainly for the purpose of being heard during the film's screening.


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