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Jimmy Music Review

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Yes, it's finally happening. Mimoh Chakraborty, Mithun Chakraborty's son, would finally be having a release to his name after being in the news for close to two years. Jimmy is the film getting ready to hit the screens and the man who would be responsible for this star-son launch pad would be old war horse Raj N. C. Sippy. There is nostalgic value attached to the film's music as well since Bappa Lahiri, son of Bappi Lahiri who has given many a chartbusters with Mithun, has been roped in to compose two tracks for Jimmy which has Anand Raaj Anand as the chief composer.

Though one isn't quite positively biased towards Jimmy, there is a surprise in store with the opening number 'Why Not Jimmy' turning out to be a reasonably foot tapping song. In fact, the beginning of this Anand Raaj Anand composed number has a true blue Pritam influence to it.

Rendered by Shaan, this Ranbir Pushp written track does manage to throw a punch every time one hears the words 'Why Not Jimmy'. Though there is a female voice making an appearance for a short while as well, she hasn't been credited for that. Same goes for man who does the rap. The song isn't the kind which would stay on for months to come but Mimoh's dance would ensure that it keeps the audience entertained in those four minutes of the song's play.

Ok, so seems the people behind the arrangements for Jimmy are the ones who also come together for Pritam. This is why the sound of flute which marks the opening of 'Do Minute Mein' belongs completely to Pritam's school of music. A Bappa Lahiri composition which relies yet again on beats while providing a decent platform for Mimoh to demonstrate his dancing skills, 'Do Minute' by Shaan is yet another fair track in quick succession. Bappa Lahiri, lyricist Virag Mishra do well to create a number which doesn't break any grounds but stays on well to make for a decent contemporary hear. And yes, the female voice and the rapper go un-credited yet again!

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