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Pyaar Impossible Music Review

By: By: Joginder Tuteja,<a href="http://bollywoodhungama.com/" target="_blank">Bollywood Hungama</a>
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Days after Yash Raj Films and composers Salim-Sulaiman came up with the soundtrack of Rocket Singh - Salesman of the Year arrives the music album of Pyaar Impossible. In fact this may well be the first for both the production house as well as the composer duo who have seen some work of theirs arriving in such quick succession. Given the fact that the film is titled Pyaar Impossible, has a glossy teenage feel to it and bears a vibrant look, one expects a happy soundtrack from the five songs, each of which is written by Anvita Dutt Guptan.

Anushka Manchanda is so effective in the way she begins 'Alisha' that one can almost sense Priyanka Chopra to be behind the mike. There is this husky feel about her rendition which brings in a certain attitude to the entire 5 minutes track. In fact Anushka is quite good in this Westernised track (later also appearing in a 'remix version') where she not just changes the pitch a couple of times but also brings in a different tone to her voice. Moreover, Salim Merchant too does a good job in coming behind the mike intermittently and brings on the key words Pyaar Impossible. A good situational track that could well have been a Vishal-Shekhar composition.

Soon after, Vishal Dadlani does come into picture though as he sings the title song 'Pyaar Impossible'. The track pretty much establishes the mood of the album and confirms then and there that the film's narrative is designed as a modern day Western romcom musical. Dominique Cerejo takes the lead in this relatively softer number which has a conversational feel to it. Expect some good picturisation here for this yet another Western outing that is also accompanied by a 'remix version'.

The best of the lot comes a little later though in the form of 'You And Me' which has a Salim-Sulaiman stamp all over it. The kind of rhythmic mushy track that could have fitted into any contemporary urban love story, 'You And Me' is taken to a different level mainly due to the way it is arranged. Neha Bhasin and Benny Dayal come together for this track, which surprisingly doesn't appear in a remix version even though it really deserved so, and is good enough to be played in clubs and lounges. Entertaining.

However, by the time '10 On 10' comes, it is firmly established that Pyaar Impossible is a girlie album in entirety, especially in the way Mahua Kamath and Anushka Manchanda come together to croon the number. One is instantly reminded of the prom night situations that are so much in vogue in Hollywood's teenage romcom films/TV serials. Remember the likes of 'Hannah Montana'? This one should look and sound good on screen. Towards the later stages of the song, Naresh Kamath croons a couple of lines but eventually '10 on 10' belongs to the girls.

Finally comes 'Ek Thi Ladki' which has a story telling setting to it, something which is on the same lines as Princess Diaries. Newcomer Rishika Sawant tells the story of this girl meeting a guy who falls heads over heels in love with her. The setting reminds one of Uday Chopra's last romcom outing where the title song 'Neil N Nikki' had a similar feel to it. Though that song is heard even till date due to it's rhythmic appeal and the sound that stuck on for years, the same can't be said about 'Ek Thi Ladki' which basically sticks to the situation in the film than boasting of an everlasting appeal.

Due to its situational feel, one can't be expecting mega popularity for the album here. However, if one understands the intent of the album, the songs have been pretty much made to facilitate the album's narrative rather than being chartbusters that would get audiences in theaters. In this aspect, Salim-Sulaiman create a good situational album that may well drive the narrative rather than just fitting into it.

'You And Me', '10 On 10'

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