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      A Flat – Music Review

      By Ramchander

      Since A Flat (Earlier titled Flat) has been ready for quite some time, you expect a dated feel in its music. Moreover Bappi Lahiri, after being heard in a few albums so far, is yet to make his make his mark as a composer. Add to that the fact that there isn't any buzz around the film's music so far and the expectations are kept at the very minimal. Along with lyricist Virag Mishra, Bappi has made four songs for the album. Let's check out what exactly is in store here.

      To go with the (horror) genre of the film, the opening song 'Meetha Sa' begins on a haunting note which takes an entire minute before entering into a 'enigma' zone. Kailash Kher enters the zone at this stage and along with Suzanne D'Mello comes up with a rendition that goes with the fusion mood of the song. Even though there isn't anything displeasing about the song, there is a sense of deja vu right through it's duration for sure. Also, there is a sad mood prevalent as well which makes one believe that 'Meetha Sa' may well appear at number of places in the film's narrative. Appearance of two more versions - an 'unplugged' and a 'partymap mix' - only consolidates the belief further.

      The name Sonu Nigam is always exciting to read on the album credits, especially due to the fact that he has gone over selective in last 2-3 years. Even though it is Raja Hasan along with Aditi Singh Sharma who are heard at the beginning, it is Sonu Nigam who makes an instant impact 60 seconds into the song. He gets into his characteristic intoxicated rendition and brings in his own persona into 'Dil Kashi' which, though a tad predictable, is entertaining nevertheless. If you have liked those slow moving romantic numbers featuring Sonu in the past, you would like this one as well which is placed in the album twice and has Tulsi Kumar as Sonu's female companion.

      Raja Hasan and Aditi Singh Sharma are the accompanying singers for yet another track, 'Chal Halke', which basically is a Sunidhi Chauhan solo. A fun track about a young girl who lives life on her own terms and doesn't care less for the outside world, 'Chal Halke' is yet another harmless predictable track that should go well with the film's flow. However, there isn't much in the song that would guarantee a long stay in the audience mind.

      Finally comes a quintessential haunting number 'Pyar Itna Na Kar', a Shreya Ghoshal which tries to get into the 'Zara Zara' [Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein] zone but doesn't quite succeed. At maximum, it ends up being one of those regular 'sugam sangeet' love songs which end up being an ordinary affair. Though uncluttered, simple and slow, there isn't any recall value once the song is through.

      A Flat has an ordinary soundtrack that doesn't have that one single chartbuster song that could have enabled it to rise up in the charts. A couple of songs that could possibly find some following in the long run are 'Dil Kashi' and 'Meetha Sa'. However, the fact is that buzz is missing around the music which would only make it further difficult for the album to make any headway.

      OUR PICK(S)
      Dil Kashi, Meetha Se

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