Kites music review

    By By: Joginder Tuteja, <a Href="" Target="_blank">bollywood Hungama</a>


    Huge. That, in one word, pretty much summarises the expectations that one has from the music of Kites. Roshans have been a team since time immemorial and it is just apt to expect nothing but an excellent soundtrack when Hrithik Roshan, Rakesh Roshan and Rajesh Roshan come together. Add to that, the man in the driving seat, Anurag Basu, who has to his credit many musicals including Life In A Metro where Pritam's soundtrack has managed a cult status for itself over years gone by and you are pretty much sitting at an album from which a music lover would be expecting nothing but the best. With lyricists like Nasir Faraaz and Asif Ali Beg roped in to write for five songs in the album, there is a certain freshness which is pretty much expected as well.


    Let's set an expectation clear at the very onset. Unlike many fly-by-night albums that make an instant impression from the word 'Go' with chartbuster tunes heading straight towards the next dance floor upstairs, Kites takes it's time own to settle down. So one has to be indeed patient before passing a verdict in this musical score by Rajesh Roshan that actually carries forward the 70s mood in the new age milieu. These are the kind of songs that have to be nurtured, read: played on multiple times, before one starts developing a liking. And once that happens, there is no looking back as the numbers continue to play on in your mind after the music has stopped.

    This is what happens in case of the opening track ' Zindagi Do Pal Ki' as well which has Rajesh Roshan written on it from the very first note. Whether it is the coming together of Western and Indian instruments or the way KK goes on to stretch his vocals for the words ' Intezar Kab Tak... ', you know it is a clear cut Roshan family influence in the song. A love song written by Nasir Faraaz, it is simple, has a moderate pace to it and takes time to settle down before one picks it up all over again to add it to the list of the favourites. The 'remix version' keeps the sanctity of the original intact and doesn't turn out to be any intrusion whatsoever.

    What follows next is a better track, ' Dil Kyun Yeh Mera', which is written by Nasir Faraaz and has an oriental beginning to it, hence reminding of many a composition that has been created by Pritam for films coming from the house of Bhatts. Perhaps it is also the KK factor that one ends up getting nostalgic about the Anurag Basu-Pritam combination but then the fact remains that once the singer begins singing his lines, you know that Rajesh Roshan can't be ignored for long. He is someone who should be composing more often but when one hears a soothing tune like ' Dil Kyun... ', one also ends up looking at the entire situation positively and prays that he continues to take his time but make timeless tunes like these. One would have thought that a 'remix version' wasn't required for a song like this but 50 seconds into it and the rap-n-reggae that comes along ensures that you would definitely want to play this one on as well when in a different mood.

    It's a soft beginning for Nasir Faraaz written ' Tum Bhi Ho Wahi' which has the sound of guitar leading to Vishal Dadlani coming to the forefront. After singing for half a dozen composers from the current times, the composer-singer lends his vocals for a veteran as well and gets into a rock mode soon after. A little later, even Suraj Jagan joins Vishal behind the mike and gets into his trademark full throated rendition. However, what is noticeable is a signature sound that plays on right through the song. This is one of those tracks that doesn't hook on you from the lyrics perspective but it's the hook sound which stays on with you long after the song is through. This is the reason why this sound arrives at the very beginning in the 'remix version'.

    The title song arrives a little later in the day and is aptly titled ' Kites In The Sky'. Written by Asif Ali Beg, this English track also makes the much talked about singing debut of Hrithik Roshan. However, it is Suzanne D'Mello who arrives on the scene first and it is only 45 seconds into the song that Hrithik makes an appearance. Does he do well? Oh yes, and that too amazingly well. A soft and slow moving track where every note is up for scrutiny, 'Kites' has minimal instruments in the background, something which is always a tough situation for any singer, even if he is trained, because ever nuance is noticeable. However, credit it to Hrithik and the team of Kites which pulls off this classy number quite well. A number that should be a hot favourite in lounges and urban youth.

    Still waiting for that quintessential dance number featuring Hrithik Roshan? Well, wait for ' Fire' which is four and a half minutes piece with minimal singing that is heard very late in the day. One doesn't mind that though since the techno sound that carries ' Fire' from inception to the ultimate culmination reaches its crescendo exactly 100 seconds into the piece. Now that's the point which should burn the dance floor when played on in a disc or a club because Hrithik is expected to ensure trademark dance moves from here on. Rajesh Roshan, Vishal Dadlani, Anirudh Bhola and Anushka Manchanda form the quartet that lends its vocals and though their collective output is 80s at it's best, it's the coming together of Western instruments that make ' Fire' an irresistible track that only adds on to the excitement once it resurfaces once again.


    Kites is a good album that will certainly find good patronage amongst those who have been waiting for this much hyped film to arrive. Bearing a classy look to it throughout, Kites may not make a 'big bang' impression in the first few days due to this very reason. However, once the listener catches fancy to Kites, there is no looking back. Due to this very reason, the makers have taken the right step of releasing the songs close to two months before the theatrical release of the film. That should give enough time for Kites to soar higher up in the sky.


    Dil Kyun Yeh Mera, Zindagi Do Pal Ki, Fire, Kites In The Sky

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