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Right Yaaa Wrong Music Review

By: By: Joginder Tuteja,<a href="http://bollywoodhungama.com/" target="_blank">Bollywood Hungama</a>
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A film which went on floors more than two years ago. The music which could well have been made even before that. The composer (Monty Sharma) who has been waiting for an elusive chartbuster score for long. A film genre (action) which doesn't quite promise a chartbuster popular appeal. And then the title of a couple of songs ('Lakhnavi Kabab', 'Tiledar Dupatta'), courtesy lyricist Sameer, which pretty much states the kind of soundtrack in the offering. That's Right Yaaa Wrong for you, an album where one sincerely prayers that there is something good in the offering, what with Subhash Ghai's 'Mukta Arts' as the presenters of the film.

Thankfully the prayers are answered sooner than later with 'Meri Aashaon Ki' turning out to be a pleasant surprise. A soft love song with a touch of Western base to it, this is a subtle outing with newcomer Amitraj doing quite well by keeping it all low key. Composer Monty too shows that he is made for much better stuff than what most of his earlier work may have suggested and his strength lies in coming up with soft romantic tracks. Though one wishes that similar mood that stays on much longer, somewhere in the heart you know that the expectation would be broken with an array of songs to follow.

And this too happens quite instantly with 'Lakhnavi Kabab' beginning with the sound that formed the theme of 'Humma Humma' (Bombay) . Master Lavi goes on to sing 'Tera Shabab Lakhnavi Kabab' and you very well know within first few seconds that where exactly is the song (and rest of the album) headed towards. It is the kind of number that is so predictable, so ordinary and so 'skip-it-after-the-first-hearing' kind that one just wishes to skip the 'remix version' that follows later in the album. There is an attempt to get the Punjabi element along with rap in this lackluster number and though one can almost smell Sunny Deol's presence from a distance, rest assured this wouldn't quite turn out to be a number that would find a loyal audience even up North.

The way 'Tiledar Dupatta' begins with the sound of 'dupatta dupatta' followed by Mika taking over the center stage that you know there is definite contribution by Subhash Ghai here. Now that really isn't necessarily a positive piece of news here since this style is at least a decade old and doesn't quite turn over a new leaf to bring anything interesting to current set of audience. With support from Shail, 'Tiledar Dupatta' is still reasonably tolerable for its three minute duration. And yes, this one too allows Punjabi rhythm to set in.

With its share of item numbers through, Right Yaaa Wrong brings on a title song here which is sung first by Ujjaini Mukherjee and later Kunal Ganjawala. Yet again, it is an old fashioned composition style that doesn't allow Right Yaaa Wrong to rise above mediocrity. By the time Ujjaini brings on 'It may be right, it may be wrong', you start wondering where exactly would the song appear in the narrative. With a Western base to it, it reminds one of the songs from the early 80s when Usha Uthup had many such songs to her credit.

'Rihaae' which follows next continues the same mood and it appears that this Kunal Ganjawala number picked up from the title song left. An intrinsically sad number about a man trying to find his way out of loneliness, 'Rihaee' aims at being a rock number but doesn't elevate itself over being a college concert track. A situational track that may just play for a short duration as a part of the film's background score, 'Rihaee' doesn't quite warrant a repeated hearing.

Right Yaaa Wrong ends up having just the kind of soundtrack that one had expected it to be. Ok, so the songs aren't entirely bad but there is not a single track that has a 'best seller' written on it. Dated look of the film coupled with action genre would further impact its sales. Yes, 'Meri Aashaon Ki' is good and 'Tilledar Dupatta' isn't bad either but in the larger scheme of things, one can't expect them to help the cause much for Right Yaaa Wrong.

'Meri Aashaon Ki', 'Tilledar Dupatta'

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