Dr. Gaurav Grover Celebrates His Birthday At Mahakaleshwar Mandir, Ujjain


    Dr Gaurav Grover, Chairman, New Delhi Social Workers Assocation, celebrated his birthday with all the divine blessings. On the occasion, Dr Grover visited Mahakaleshwar Mandir, Ujjain to seek blessings with his wife Palka Grover and family friends, fashion designer Rina Dhaka and social media sensation Dipansh Chawla.

    Dr. Gaurav Grover Celebrates His Birthday

    The day started by attending the Bhasma Aarti, performing Jal Abhishek at the Mahakal Mandir and was followed by various other celebrations, events during the whole day and a grand fashion show in the evening by India's leading designers Samant Chauhan and Rina Dhaka. Many cakes were cut during the day celebrating the occasion. The evening events saw the presence of renowned actresses Jasmine Bhasin and Tejaswani Prakash walking as the show stoppers for the designers. Preeti Pahuja Chawla, Social media sensation opened the show for fashion designer Rina Dhaka. Dr. D.M. Mahajan marked his presence during the celebrations.

    "With God's grace, I have everything that one desires. To express my gratitude, all of us travelled to Ujjain for the Darshan and Blessings. Birthdays have always been extremely intimate and private for our family and we like them that way. Though I have always been a regular visitor at the temple, I especially wanted to step in the new year with such divine blessings and I must say my birthday couldn't get any better." Dr Gaurav Grover.

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