“Mushkil Me Wo Nahi” By Angel Richa: Shayari With Assonance/Soulful tunes


    The song "Chhad Jaane De" by Angel Richa made headlines within 8 days of its release as it should as it crossed over 1 million views and over 2 thousand comments. Now, Angel Richa is back with another release to leave everyone speechless. 28th November 2022 marked the launch of her second song, "Mushkil me wo nahi". Talking about her song Angel Richa said, "Mei shunya hu aur mujhe meri value meri team aur meri audience se milti hai. Just like Chadd Jaan de song, even in this song, my pillars of strength RP. Prathmesh and R. Abhishek stood by me to hold the entire journey of making this song on their shoulders."

    “Mushkil Me Wo Nahi” By Angel Richa

    The soul of this song comes from the words of R. Abhishek. As he is a skilled person with many talents one of his talents is writing Shayari. Angel Richa when realized how deep and meaningful the Shayaris are, she persuaded R. Abhishek to make them into a melody. For she believed that words would drop like little drops from heaven in the ears of the listeners. After compiling all the Shayari and giving them the final shape, Angel Richa decided to give it a different tune. A tune that was not just trendy but also appealing to the masses. So to add the touch versatility, RP. Prathmesh introduced hook slang in the lyrics. This gave it a slight Punjabi touch making the song a fusion for all.

    Undoubtedly, Angel Richa faced many struggles during this song too. A major obstacle she always faces is people's perception of her. She exclaims, "I always come forward as a director, singer, actor, and many more roles. So people believe I'm rude or arrogant or something extraordinary. Worst of all, they don't just think it, they believe it." Also, she faced a series of issues with her family as well, but she always had her mother standing next to her. Even the date of the release of the song was finalized on the day her mother came to visit her in Indore. So truly Angel Richa's faith in her family is proof of success with intact ethical nature.

    Then talking about the journey of the song, most people believe every single person is responsible for their task. However, this is not the case with Angel Richa. From finalizing the lyrics to acting and singing, Angel Richa also takes care of editing and directing. She makes sure to sit with editors when the song is being edited. The most interesting part is that the posters of the song are edited by none other than Angel Richa herself. For her, all this is her hobby and she wants to keep doing this until her last day.

    An elemental thing about Angel Richa is her personality. While she faces so many hardships and is sometimes criticized just because of gender stereotypes, she never stops. She always comes back with a stronger reply which stems from her hard work. She believes, "The tree which has the most fruits is pelted the most, while people most people sit beneath it for shade. So, when you start being criticized for being yourself just know you're on the path to success." Also, being from a middle-class family, she makes sure to always embrace her roots. For she always wants to be connected to the soil that gave her the courage to move forward and advance. Angel Richa is and always will be modern in terms of her thoughts whereas she still forever stays the small-town girl whose heart lies in the ethics she grew up with.

    The song by Angel Richa, RP. Prathmesh and R. Abhishek are Shayari with music that soothes one's soul.

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