Want To Recapture Your Youth? – Tips And Facts By Shikha Agarwal – Nutritionist


    As humans, we are taught to 'seize the day' since time immemorial as our life spans are getting shorter by the time. "Did you know that during the 1800s, the maximum life expectancy of a person was less than 40 years of age, but with medical advances in the next 150 years, this increased significantly? Currently, the global life expectancy is approximately 75 years of age", says Shikha Agarwal. With this fact, you must be wondering if there is a possibility of reversing the aging process. Yes, you can do that through the integration of a positive lifestyle and correct eating habits. As the globalized world witnesses more and more scientific and technological advancements, the common people can hope better to reduce their biological age.

    Let's understand what it means when we say 'Reverse Aging', it would imply the transformation of an old organism to become young again! Now the next question lies in, 'Is it possible?' Before we can delve into that possibility, let's try to understand the human aging timeline.

    It is known that cells in our body undergo many metabolic reactions every day which leads them to produce toxic metabolites which keep gathering until it contributes to a person's frail state or death. However, that is not all; research shows that our genes and the environment we live in effect our timeline. As Shikha says, "Age reversal technology has the scope of turning into a reality soon but till then we can take advantage of nutrition and make some straightforward changes."

    Want To Recapture Your Youth? – Tips by Shikha Agarwal

    Is it possible to achieve reverse aging with exercise? Yes, it is, research has shown many times that regular physical activity helps the human body to function better and even increases its longevity. As you know that 'Mitochondria' is the power plants of the cells - they help in producing energy from food that ignites bodily functions from breathing to moving to thinking.

    As you age, this powerhouse slows down, releasing less and less energy which leads to fatigue, decreased muscle mass, cardiovascular health, and brain function. This is can be easily avoided with a mere 20 to 30 minutes of exercising, for example, cycling, skipping, walking, jogging, cardio, dancing, swimming, and many other things. Plus it will also help cut down body fat and cholesterol level leading to the production of T-cells (a type of immunity cell).

    With the help of an optimized diet, is it possible to reverse the aging process? Well, if you reduce your calorie intake, it will result in fewer chances of getting heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity-related issues which would directly contribute to your libido, mood, and sleep quality positively. Restricting calorie intake triggers Autophagy' which is like cleaning your cells with spring water. Your cells shift through different parts, trying to get rid of everything old and replace it with a new version. This also triggers the old cells to get recycled and get packaged into new materials that your body can use. Thus the less cellular waste is generated making the entire body system more efficient.

    How can you sustain Autophagy in your body? Research shows workout is one of the ways, but the best way is intermittent fasting, which is short breaks in between food intake. This is evidenced to be supported by a balanced and nutritious diet, drinking alcohol in moderation or avoiding it altogether, eradicating the habit of smoking, and getting a minimum sleep of 7 hours. "This is the only secret to reverse your biological aging process," says Shikha Agarwal

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