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    2013-08-10 18:23:25
    The movie starts with a accident sequence which gives a serious blow to Aravindh's skull (Bharath). When gained consciousness Aravindh enquires about his GF Liayana (Mrithuka) who he claims was with him during the accident. The doctor, Aravindh's brother Gopi (Santhanam) everybody explain him that it is his delusion which is creating a illusion of a girl. This becomes hard to realise for Aravindh who seems to be lost in her memories. Here, Manjari (Erika Fernandes) helps Aravindh to fight his mental state and is always keen to win Aravindh's love. The movie then unfolds with lot of twist and turns which really makes you excited to know what's next !

    Credit goes to the director for executing a screenplay which keeps the audience guessing. Bharath as Aravindh, has played the character to perfection. He has played the emotions of love, anger and mental agony with ease. The two lead female actors, Erica & Mrithika, carry two crucial roles in the movie. Both have done what the script asks for. Though the script does not demand any songs, "elavu" song and the picturization of the duet between Mrithika & Bharath is fresh and worth a mention.

    Some scenes in the movie are well thought by Sasi and will really surprise you like the pre-interval stunt sequence and the conversation between Bharath & Erika in the second half.

    Movie to catch up for the weekend.

    Go for it
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