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6 Candles


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20 Sep 2013
By : Seena

On : 2013-09-20 12:25:13

Director VZ Durai, who made his previous film Nepali with 'sexual abuse against women' as its core, now has handled yet another sensitive issue - child trafficking.


Ram (played by Shaam) and Lizzy (Poonam Kaur) are couples who head out to beach on the occasion of celebrating their son's 6th birthday (the title gets its reason here). The couple lose their kid, who slips into the network of kidnappers. After the attempts made by the police department failing to retrieve his child, Ram gets himself into act with the assistance of a few good hearts.

film on child trafficking and the network which earns money either by selling children as labors or making them beg after mutilating them.

The film gives us a clear insight of what happens once a child gets into the network of kidnappers and at the same time comes bundled with the sentiments of the parents who are in search of their lost kid.

Actor Shaam, who was badly needing a hit has struck gold with his performance in 6. The film, for sure, will manage to grab critical acclaims for the protagonist. Be it a caring father or a man in desperation to save his child from kidnappers, Shaam has played his part to perfection.

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