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Aadhi Bhagavan


Audience Review

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22 Feb 2013
By : Merina

On : 2013-02-22 13:24:38

An interesting twist in the tale Aadhi Shanmugam is a hardcore criminal who is feared across the underworld of Bangkok By chance, he happens to meet the beautiful Karishma and falls for her big-time! Meanwhile Aadhi crosses paths with the dreaded Reddy brothers of Hyderabad, and they swear to take him down! Even before the heat of this incident cools off a little, Aadhi and his boss, go their separate ways!

On the other hand Aadhi's mother throws him out of the house for his illegal activities. Amidst all this clamour for his head, Aadhi comes to Mumbai to meet Karishma's dad! All this is happening in Aadhi's life, when there comes an interesting twist in the tale, in the form of Bhagavan and Rani! Who is Bhagavan and Rani? What does his entry in the tale, signify? Watch Aadhi Bhagavan on the big screens to know.

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