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    Aaraathu Sinam (2016)(U)

    Release date 26 Feb 2016

    Critics Review

    • Arulnithi has underplayed his role to perfection. It shouldn't come across as a surprise if many calls this performance his best till date. Though Aishwarya Rajesh doesn't have much to prove in this flick, the Kaaka Muttai actress looks absolutely gorgeous whenever she appears on the big screen.

      Aarathu Sinam is technically brilliant and adds to the overall cinematic experience. Though the movie takes time in establishing its characters (first 30 minutes), it manages to keep you guessing throughout.

      Overall View: Overall, Aarathu Sinam is an honest attempt by director Arivazhagan, who does full justice to a tried and tested script.
    • The slow paced narration in the beginning gets a momentum after a while and takes the viewer along to a thrilling phase. There are a couple of logical loopholes that may have been come up to fit in to conventional formulae but Arivazhagan needs a pat on his back for presenting the investigation in a convincing manner, all credits should go to Jeethu Joseph.

      Arulnidhi once again proved why he is so choosy about films. On the lines of Mounaguru and Demonte Colony, Ararthu Sinam shall be another landmark film for him if his performance is to be taken for consideration.

      Aarathu Sinam is a well crafted thriller that is totally engrossing.
    • Arulnithi makes a good cop. With his face, that's best explained as impassive and stony, he pulls of the melancholic, pessimistic, ever drunk cop effectively and as a well groomed cop in the initial stage, he shows style.

      Ishwarya Rajesh, in her brief appearance, shows grace. Aishwarya Dutta doesn't add any value to the film though. Robo Shankar has a solid role of a sloppy police officer but has dialogues that seem to force the humour, for the sake of entertainment.

      Verdict: For all those hungry crime thriller addicts, Aarathu Sinam is a good watch
    • The script also convincingly portrays how a drunkard is roped in after a long gap into the police investigation of series of murders. This is done only after answering the questions raised by media and the Home Secretary.

      Arulnithi is impeccable in the role and emotes well. Radharavi as a senior cop gives his best for the role. Aishwarya Dutta as a young journalist makes a mark with the limited scope for her character.

      Verdict: 'Aarathu Sinam' is a thriller that cannot be missed.
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