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    Critics Review

    • This film belongs to Pasupathy. Be it his act in the flashback portions or in the current timeline, the actor is a class act.

      Vimal and Nandita come up with believable performances and so does other performers like 'Aadukalam' Murugadoss, Imman 'Annachi', Subbu Panchu and Riythvika of Madras fame.

      Overall View: Director Thangam Saravanan has to be appreciated for taking up an unusual yet sensitive subject. Had the technicalities fallen in place, Anjala could've provided a better overall cinematic experience.
    • Thangam Saravanan’s Anjala is an unusual plot about how a tea-shop is built on an absolutely arid land in the British India of 1913, and how the lone eatery on hostile wilderness spawns a community around it -- and ultimately a whole village.

      As much as the theme of Anjala may be unique, the film’s scripting and treatment leave a lot to be desired. Utthara’s declaration of love for Kavas is artificial to the core, robbing the scene of certain tenderness, a certain beauty.

      Pasupathy’s extraordinarily dignified performance as the man who genuinely feels for the boys who work for him and the community around, stops Anjala from sinking to the very bottom.
    • The concept is as unique as it sounds and the audiences are sure to draw some kind of emotional connect with the tea stall. Was the well established connect exploited constructively is the question that might be answered through this review.

      Few places without deliberation enters a serial like and an over dramatic mode. This might act as a put off to the audiences who have started appreciating realism in films.

      Verdict: Pasupathy stands tall in this dramatic and sluggish tea stall tale.
    • Tea shops are not just meant for refreshment and relaxation. They are also the breeding grounds of life-long friendships and even long lasting relationships for some people, especially those belonging to middle class in small towns.

      Then the first half moves to a beautiful well written and impressively shot flash back which establishes the antique value of the tea shop and also how the locality developed around the tea shop in chronological order. In short ‘Anjala’ is a decent film that you can enjoy with you family provided you enter the theaters without big expectations.

      Verdict : This Tea shop is worth spending some time and money.

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