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Critics Review

  • The palatial house they live in is apparently haunted and the evil spirit succeeds in scaring everyone residing in it. This, until Sundar C arrives to throw a light on who the evil spirit really is.

    Siddharth is wasted in the movie. The actor's choice of film is poor and pretty much evident in Aranmanai 2.

    Overall View: Aranmanai 2 may work largely because of its second half and comical portions, but isn't it high time our directors avoid lacklustre movies in the name of horror-comedy?
  • The story is just like the previous part where a bunch of family reach a 'deserted' palace and they find some evil spirit. There are supernatural events on a repeated note. The effects are as amazing as the sets with low lighting. Thanks to cinematographer UK Senthilkumar.

    Soori, Kovai Sarala and Manobala were the pillars of the movie. Their humour and Trisha's glamour is what lifts the movie to next level. Hip Hop Aadhi's music fails yet again.

    Overall, the movie is, A blatant family entertainer designed to bring in the bucks and it most likely will.
  • Aranmanai 2's intent is pretty simple - to entertain in every way possible, same as its predecessor Aranmanai, literally. In fact, the difference between the two movies is as much as their titles, Aranmanai and Aranmanai 2.

    Sundar C and Hansika literally play the same roles from Aranmanai and play it well enough. Poonam Bajwa has brief scope, but no complaints with her performance too.

    Verdict: Aranmanai again all over, with minor modifications, but no lesser in terms of entertainment
  • Aranmanai 2 comes with a straight forward "done and dusted" storyline, but as always with Sundar C, it's always the screenplay and the dialogues that take the front seat, let’s find out.

    Sundar C has this tendency to bring in a whale of a cast, make use of them in every possible way in the wafer thin storyline and Aranmanai 2 is no different.

    Verdict : Go for Sundar C's usual humor, not for the thrills and horror
  • Aranmanai 2 is the story of a couple who come to stay in a palatial mansion that happens to be haunted. When strange incidents take place around the house, they take the help of a relative (Sundar C) who records some activities and movements of an unknown force.

    Hansika has played her role extremely well. It is undoubtedly one of her best performances till date.

    A perfect combination of comedy, horror and thrill in the right doses that will keep you entertained.
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