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31 Oct 2013
By : Harendra

On : 2013-10-31 10:26:55


Ashok aka AK (Ajith), with the help of Maya (Nayanthara), kidnaps Arjun (Arya), a talented hawker. With the help of Arjun, Ashok crashes the network of a media group.

In the meantime, Arjun also comes to know that Ashok is behind serial blasts in Mumbai. He is helpless however, since he and his lover Maya (Tapsee) are in the custody of Ashok.

Even as performing the orders of Ashok, Arjun lays a trap and ensures that Ashok is caught by the police team, led by Prakash (Kishore).

However, after coming to know the past of Ashok (who is a police officer cheated by a Minister (Mahesh Manjrekar), a top police official (Atul Kulkarni), a media baron and a journalist (Suman Ranganathan), Arjun decides to help him.

While on their mission, the duo of Ashok and Arjun learns that the Minister is planning to cheat the country in a much bigger way. What next is a racy climax.

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