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    Critics Review

    • Aditi Balan, who has portrayed the titular character exceedingly well, shows the right way forward for debutantes. She gets in to the skin of the character emoting and behaving as Aruvi.

      At first, to take such a theme for his debut work is not a simple task, and that rightly shows the confidence level of Arun Prabhu Purushothaman.

      Verdict Movies like Aruvi don't come so often. It is a crafty and daring work that one should never ever think of missing. Go, grab your tickets.
    • Aruvi, tired of being held hostage by the people around her, gets her chance for revenge. There’s a role reversal of sorts and she finds the power to become the captor herself.

      A vital film about a girl who’d rather rebel than be a slave
    • Aditi owns her part and I don’t think anyone else in her shoes could have done justice to the character. It’s commendable how the film comfortably slips into the awareness mode, never really trying to preach.

      Aruvi, though unintentionally funny at times, is not for the faint-hearted.
    • When a film takes on a sensitive subject, the story generally steals the spotlight from the craft of the film. Aruvi, on the other hand, is technically sound. There is a excellently staged screen where Aruvi plays a game of ‘Truth of Dare’ with her captives.

      This Aditi Balan film is a must watch
    • Aruvi is taken through life's motions, and it is not a happy ride. It is a roller coaster. As we ride this roller coaster, we are taken through human emotions, political satire and even an almost nihilistic view of life.

      Verdict: Nothing short of a masterpiece, Aruvi is a cinematic journey that every type of audience can relate to, connect to, empathize with and adore.

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