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01 Oct 2010
By : Jayanthi

On : 2010-10-01 09:45:29

Before starting the review, lemme make sure, Its not typical Rajni movie, filled with Rajnisms..

First of all, I salute Super Star for accepting this script. What a man he is?
Even at this age, he is astonishing.

His intro is not stupefying. No baddies flying in air. No low angle cameras. blah..blah..

Chitti character is really a masterpiece. Comical and Outstanding effort !!

From my young age its my dream to see SuperStar in Superhero movies, and finally I'm satisfied. Thanks to shankar sir!

Secondly, I must appreciate Shankar for his guts to take such a Sci-fic movie with kollywood spices. Only he can make such a movie.

Pro's :

* "Super Star"Rajni
* Director.Shankar
* Rathna Velu

* Songs are a visual treat
* Action scenes are awesome
* Visual effects are really great compared to lots of chinese, hindi movies.. (Don't compare to Hollywood standards)

Con's :

* Villain is dumb
* Santhanam and Karunas could've been used better
* Still 2 more songs are not necessary

Verdict : Have to watch again and again till getting bored or Blu-ray gets released!

My Rating - 4/5

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