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    Critics Review

    • Shankar's visualization as well as the conceptualization of a never heard before kind of a story line in the most convincing way is definitely one among the strong points of 2.0. He weaves drama in to a science fiction tale by adding the necessary logical elements.

      Rajinikanth, the superstar once again proves why he is the ultimate crowd puller of Indian cinema. His screen presence is amazing and the energy with which he has portrayed the characters is unmatchable. Watch out for his portrayal of 2.0, which is sure to offer a big treat to the fans. Akshay Kumar gets to play a very meaty role, which has been well-etched.

      2.0 is a majestic visual experience that should be savoured from the theatres.
    • It’s a long wait for Akshay Kumar fans as he finally comes in as Pakshi the bird lover. The flashback is one of the finest you will see in a long time – Akshay as the soft-spoken bird lover is beyond brilliant. The bonding between him and birds is captured brilliantly by Nirav Shah, its as if watching Nat Geo on big screen in 3D.

      Shankar continued to say 2.0 is nothing without Superstar, it’s a true statement as Rajini just breezes into the role of Chitti, Vasee and two other surprises with ease. At his age, this is simply respect.
    • For all the Superstar fans, there is plenty to rejoice. The quintessential Rajini moments in the form of action scenes and dialogues are abundant. In the pre-climax portions, the film reaches it's peak with the reloaded 2.0 taking shape.

      We have Shankar's typical touches of comedy and romance. But this time, they seem to be minimalized a lot. Akshay Kumar proves himself to be a wonderful performer time and again. His role in 2.0 is the central character around whom the conflict is based.
    • The plot of 2.0 feels familiar; in fact too familiar. There is no mystery in the supernatural occurrences that we see on screen, and for the entire first half, we are forced to wait for the mandatory flashback involving Pakshirajan (Akshay Kumar), the ornithologist who is the old man who we saw at the start of the film.

      Rajinikanth digs into this role with his inimitable style and performs with relish. There is even a self-referential punchline that he utters after Nila tells him that he is no longer the No 1, that sends fans into a tizzy. Akshay Kumar is also a solid presence as the antagonist whose heart is in the right place.
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