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Gethu (U)



2 hrs 35 mins

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14 Jan 2016
Critics Reviews Audience Reviews Updated: January 19, 2016 06:02 PM IST

Gethu is a Tamil action - romance movie direction by 'Maan Karate' fame Thiru Kumaran. Amy Jackson is paired opposite Udhayanidhi Stalin in this movie. She plays as a Brahmin girl and will appear in traditional outfits in Gethu. Udhayanidhi Stalin will be seen in an action avatar. Sathayraj essays the role of Udhayanidhi’s father.

Actor Vikranth, previously only seen in leading roles, signed on to appear in the film as an antagonist. Gethu also marks the first major appearance of Udhayanidhi in a non-comedy film.

Gethu Story

‘Gethu’ showcases the story of a father and son who gets trapped in a very difficult situation. Sathyaraj and Udhayanidhi plays the role of the father son duo respectively. Amy Jackson has enacted the character of Udhayanidhi’s love interest.

Throughout the story the father (Sathyaraj) comes with Gethu. Sathya Raj plays as a PT Master in leading school. The school students disturbance from the bar, which is next to the school. Sathya Raj files a case on this issue and from there problem starts with him and his son. The journey of the duo to get out of these issues forms the major crux of the movie.

Director Thirukumaran has tried to come up with a crime thriller set in a small town. Visually the film is a great because it has been shot well. Thirukumaran has played with the colour palette and the greys and blues are vivid on screen.

Udhayanidhi has ventured into the crime thriller genre for the first time after three comedies. The action/fight scenes have been extremely well choreographed and he pulls it off.

As far as the story goes, it is not gripping enough to be termed a crime thriller. There are not too many twists and the storyline is weak.

Director Thirukumaran has the essentials for a high-concept thriller — a determined hitman, an ordinary man who stumbles into a nefarious plot by accident, a sub-plot that provides some mystery, and a bit of family drama.

For a thriller clocking in at under two hours, Gethu moves at a pace that is as sleepy as the hill station where the action happens.

The director's choice of slow motion shots as a device to make the action stylish and prolong the tension in the plot works against the film.

Udhayanidhi takes a break from fun-filled characters and plays a more sober role in ‘Gethu’. There is less of humour here, his Sethu a more emotional and an action -oriented character, and it’s a neat performance.

Vikranth with his sleek new look and poise displays great attittude and style as the mysterious hit man. Unfortunately the character is not fleshed out to its potential.

Capsuled within just about 118 minutes, the film too simplistic and predictable in its take, is at the most a mildly pleasant watch.

There is very little to hold your interest in director Thirukumaran’s Gethu, except stunning locales. Set in the backdrop of a beautiful hill station, the film is cinematographer Sukumar’s show all the way.

The producer-turned-actor has undergone a total makeover, not just his stylish new looks but his performance as well. There is none of the cockiness and meaningless chatter that we usually associate with the actor.

Director Thirukumaran’s Gethu fails to live up to its interesting premise; the film is all show and no substance.

Essentially, the story begins with an honest, straightforward physical education teacher of a school in a hill station, Sathyaraj. We have been told in many Tamil films that such quality is always the best recipe for conceiving a lot of conflicts on the silver screen and Gethu also follows this surmise. And therefore Gethu is all about what happens because of this virtue of Sathyaraj.

You can’t help noticing the well spaced out folds in Vikranth’s mask even in a very grim scene. Looks like Thirukumaran is keen about how his scenes and the objects in them should appear.

Verdict: Exemplary visuals, but less than moderately engaging

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