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Goa (A)

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29 Jan 2010
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First we must thank Venkat Prabhu for clearing a thing... This is not a movie, only his personal holiday experiences. He simply shot his personal diary notes (that too copying from others like American Pie and Dostana), instead of a solid story (whether it is strong or wafer thin!).

For those who booked the ticket earlier for this film have no other option and must have 'enjoyed' their punishment, but for those who haven't, there’s a big chance to escape from this annoying Venkat Prabhu 'holiday'! And we have a doubt also... whether Soundarya Rajini, the 'proud owner' of Ocher Studio has listened the story properly? If not, definitely she is not suitable for film production, that too in Kodambakkam!

Swamikannu (Premji Amaran), Ramarajan (Jai) and Vinayagam (Vaibhav) are always mischeivious cum troublemakers in their village Pannaipuram. When they’re unable to bear the controlled traditions curbing down their freedom, they loot the local temple of its jewellery and set off initially to Madurai where they encounter a long lost friend who got married to a foreigner he met in Goa and is leaving for London!

And these guys are extremely surprised to see his below-average looking guy marrying a stunningly beautiful London girl. Now, they come to a decision, fly down to Goa, marry a foreign girl and get settled in a different country to enjoy lavish lifestyle. But as they land in Goa, it’s a different situation for these boys as they encounter unexpected things after falling in love with girls.

The first 30 minutes scenes are really fantastic and shot in very relaxed style. But after that the film enters into a ugly den and throw mud on the faces of all the viewers! It is sure that Goa is nowhere near Venkat’s earlier films like 'the cho sweet' Chennai 28 and interesting thriller Saroja which relied on a sharp script to deliver. The film rightly deserves an A certificate as it unnecessarily enters to the gay's world. Whether it is right or wrong, there is no need to portray the episode here.

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