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    Critics Review

    • Vishal does complete justice to the character of Kathiravan, an army man who has some anger management issues initially. As usual, he scores full marks in the action sequences and all those intense sequences. Special mention to his performance in the emotional sequences of the film.

      Irumbu Thirai does take its own time to crop up to the core plot with the first half of the film dealing with a slight romantic angle and the family issues of the protagonist.

      Verdict: Irumbu Thirai is a skillfully crafted thriller that will keep your attention intact throughout the runtime of the film.
    • Mithran is wise enough to avoid any duets between Kathiravan and Rathidevi. A song on Vishal seems to be there mainly for building up the hero, but the other song, which shows Kathiravan learning to enjoy the small things in life, feels fine. Yuvan Shankar Raja's background score is quite effective.

      The film smartly doesn't give us a flashback justifying his motivation; he does his criminal activity just because he can, and he is unapologetic about it, which is refreshing.
    • PS Mithran has succeeded in presenting an intelligent cyber crime film. How does a hacker gain access to a smart phone or a bank account is explained simply. We do not just see a click of the mouse or a man randomly typing on a keyboard. This adds authenticity to the film.

      Irumbu Thirai is not an extraordinary film, but it is movie made well.
    • Irumbu Thirai is not just any other film that talks about hackers, this one is quite different, mainly because it creates fear inside you when you walk out of the theatre. It is so hard-hitting and informative.

      Verdict: A confidently made action thriller that creates a fear against the digital world.
    • The tall and well built Vishal has no problems convincing the viewer of his army background and needless to say that he excels in the fight scenes, especially the climax encounter with Arjun.

      On the downside the mandatory love scenes for the hero is a speed breaker and the second half has more talking heads than action.

      Verdict : Go for this new age thriller that will serve as a reality check for yourselves in this digital age.

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