Magane En Marumagane (2010)

    Release date 21 May 2010

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    2010-05-21 11:15:37
    T.P. Gajendran should have aptly made this flick before 15 years as it would have leaped him with astounding praises. ‘Magane En Marumagane’ has an interesting plot that may attract audiences from middle-class audiences. But the thin consistency in narration and poor technical details turns them down.

    Challenge Singaram (Vivek) has been a wastrel all throughout his life gambling with all his might. Somehow, he manages to marry Ponnarasi (Yamini Sharma) by requesting her parents (Nasser and Saranya) as they have been having soft corners for them right from their childhood. The problem breaks out in their family, when Singaram purposely steals the mobile phone of Ponnarasi’s younger bro Raghu (Mithun). A sort of pettifoggery gradually lets for a split-up in the family and Singaram is imprisoned for the crime he hasn’t committed.

    Once, Singaram is out from prison, his highly ambitious dreams of becoming rich is accomplished and returns back to his hometown only to discover that his in-laws are missing and their house is occupied by someone else.Rest of the film is all about what had really happened to the family during his absence and a climax that is quite shocking (inspired from a real life incident).
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