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    Critics Review

    • When Udhayanidhi Stalin, a young lawyer who desperately wants to make it big gets entangled in a high profile case, he needs to fight himself first and then later on deal with Prakash Raj, a famous criminal lawyer who is up against him in a hit-and-run case.

      Udhayanidhi Stalin is at his best with subtle expressions that showcases the dilemma and the chaotic mind of human. Manithan is easily his best so far and by fair distance too.

      Overall View: Manithan sure has its flaws and it hardly does justice to its original version. However, the emotional quotient and the well intentioned plot makes this film watchable.
    • Udhayanidhi Stalin makes sure that he gets noticed as a performer than as a hero with this film which has a very neatly written character sketch for him.

      Unlike his previous ventures, one gets to see Udhayanidhi gracefully letting the story and the other important roles take the front seat. Hansika is definitely sending out signals to emphasize that she can be used much more effectively than just for some song and romance routines. Her character Priya, appears whenever needed and stays in the right space.

      Verdict: Manithan is sincere to its genre and sincerely strives to engage and entertain.
    • Udhayanidhi Stalin has stepped out of his forte and experimented with a new genre, and he must be appreciated for this. The innocence of his character stole our hearts. The movie is realistic in most parts, showing nothing but the naked truth about the Indian judicial system.

      The film takes its own time to establish its story and the first half is slow-paced.The songs did not help the film, a courtroom drama, in any way.

      Verdict:MANITHAN is a film with a heart, a must-watch!
    • Manithan is easily Udhay’s best so far, as the actor has given a subtle performance without any gimmicks or song 'n' dance routine. Hansika as the righteous teacher who eggs Sakthi to fight for the truth has given a very good performance. As a simple girl from Pollachi, she scores in emotional scenes.

      Director Ahmed has incorporated few changes to the original to add nativity. Other than a strong screenplay and sharp dialogues by Ajayan Bala, Madhie’s stellar cinematography too gives the grandeur to the film and Santhosh Naryanan’s music only elevates the emotions to a different level.

      Manithan review: Verdict-Watchable
    • Hansika’s performance was good and Udhayanidhi during the last 15 minutes in the court scene has stunned audience. It was his career best spectacular performance. The movie’s showstoppers are Prakash Raj and Radharavi and Vivek’s splendid comedy deserves applause.

      The cinematography was marvelously made by Madhi and he has brought Chennai in a different view point and it was phenomenal.

      Overall, A subtle court room drama with correct dosage of emotions !
    • Manithan balances the same greatly but lacks a certain edge, power and punch that could have made it a great film. The screenplay lacking a punch makes us assume that the director is happy with mediocrity and a slightly above average accomplishment and reception.

      Another factor that drags down the film but tries to do well is Udhayanidhi Stalin himself. Though he tries to do well, the meaty role becomes a burden to him. Udhayanidhi Stalin does well, no doubt, but with a sort of negative underplay.

      Our Verdict: Entertaining, engaging, slightly thought-provoking and rather satisfying!

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