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Maranthen Mannithen (U)

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22 Mar 2013
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Maranthen Mannithen is based on a novel named 'Godavari Kathalu', written by BVS Rama Rao. It is the Tamil version of Telugu hit film Gundello Godari. The film stars Aadhi, Lakshmi Manchu, Tapasee Pannu and Sundeep Kishan in the lead roles. Last month, we had seen Kadal, where the story is set in the backdrop of the sea. Now with Maranthen Mannithen, we are getting into a hamlet on the coast of a river. 

The common element in these movies is - Lakshmi Manchu. The actress, who had done a miniature role, will be showcasing her talent in full-fledged role in this film. The crux of the story is the two angles of love shown in the form of Lakshmi Manchu and Tapasee Pannu. While the former's love is idealistic and true in sense, the latter's feeling is entirely different as she tries to be lustrous and have fun. 

Precisely, there is no room for commitment. Aadhi and Lakshmi Manchu ties the knot without knowing about each other. Their initial moments of uncertainty and uncomfortable feelings were driven away by flash floods. They float and fight for survival during which they tell each other about their past love on a floating house. Aadhi plays the role of a hard working fisherman, who dreams of owning a fishing boat someday. Whereas Lakshmi Manchu, the only daughter of a widow, wants to marry her cousin played by Sundeep Kishan, who is crazy about betting on fighter cocks. 

There is also Sarala (Tapasee), the daughter of a rich landlord and Aadhi's boat owner. The characters played by Lakshmi Manchu and Sundeep Kishan are grown up together and the former loves the latter selflessly. The remaining story is all about how the married couple battle the fury of nature and how their relationship grows up by leaps and bounds in a matter of a few hours.

Debutant director Kumar Nagendra's brilliant screenplay makes the film worth a watch. Even though the narration is painfully slow at parts, the subject and efforts are enough to watch this well-made film.

However, the drawback of the movie is the computer generated image of the floods. And also except for an item number, the film is realistic.

On a rare note, female leads outshine the men in Maranthen Mannithen. Lakshmi Manchu and Tapasee Pannu have come out with flying colours. Lakshmi is good as village belle and Tapasee leaves an impact with her bold role.

The other highlight of the film is cinematography by Palani Kumar. His work add an emotional depth to the storyline. And Ilayaraja's songs and background score brings in a pleasant feeling to the viewers.

Verdict: Maranthen Mannithen is worth a watch.

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