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19 Jul 2013
By : Mahendra

On : 2013-07-19 10:27:26

Maryan is a spirited young man who shares a deep bond with the sea and calls himself the ‘Prince of the Ocean’ as that is where he plies his trade and earns his livelihood in an adventurous manner. Circumstances surrounding his lady love Panimalar, force him to seek employment as a construction worker in Sudan. Just as he is about to return home, things take a turn for the worse.

The first half is mostly used to set up the deep bond between Maryan and Panimalar and whether this bond can withstand all the pain and suffering, is what the second half narrates. Reminds you of Roja?

Panimalar's chemistry with Mariyaan is really intimate and adds a lot of depth to the movie. And She is a terrific actress

Appukutty and Jagan have their moments as Maryan’s close friends while Uma Riyaz Khan is too loud and boisterous. The African villains are over-the-top and their modus operandi isn’t too logical and reasonable.

There is no questioning the crew’s hard work and the lead cast’s outstanding work.

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