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Marudhu (U/A)



2 hrs 25 mins

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Release Date

20 May 2016
Critics Reviews Audience Reviews Updated: May 26, 2016 12:03 PM IST

Set against the rural backdrop of Rajapalayam, Marudhu is about a loadman, played by Vishal, and his attachment towards his grandmother.

Vishal steals the show with his crisp dialogue delivery and a carefree body language. With his toned body and apt costumes, he looks perfect as a loadman. Sri Divya, who has bagged a meaty role, delivers the goods. Muthiah is known for fabricating strong female characters in his movies and Marudhu is no different.

Overall View: Director Muthiah is back doing what he does best. Marudhu, with all the necessary commercial elements, will win over the majority of audiences.

‘Marudhu’ comes with a nice package of action, sentiment and romance and all the three aspects worked out well though not as much as expected or as much as it was in ‘Komban’. But the film is highly predictable, lengthy and there is hardly any scene that elicits a wow feeling in you.

Too many of scenes are allocated for the build of romance between the lead pair but they do not fail to keep you hooked mainly due to the chemistry and the freshness of the lead par. Sentiment scenes do not go overboard and melodramatic and they are kept under the check.

Verdict: Watch it for action scenes, Soori's comedy and the grandmother character

The template is standard. There is Vishal on one side, who is the personification of all things good which is conveyed by his crony Soori at the start, quantified by an intro number. Vishal shows off his gym toned body with a lion’s face tattooed on his forearms and torso.

The initial scenes give us a feel that the story is going to be between the two local warring groups. And then, the film shifts to a romantic focus which after a while gets too tedious.

Verdict: One more rural flick riding high on melodrama and violence

Vishal's Muthiah directed Marudhu follows this pattern and is packaged and presented in a manner that will appeal more to B and C centre audiences. Muthiah doesn't seem to have got over the hangover of his last film Komban, as the village backdrop,characters and presentation is the same.

The violence throughout and the climax makes you think how the film was passed with just a UA crtificate? Is this is a movie for the entire family? The love track and songs slows the tempo in the first half.

Overall, Marudhu is predictable rural entertainer that may work with masses.

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