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Masani (U/A)

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24 May 2013
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We have been flooded with comedy films in the recent months. A series of films in this genre have hit the screens since January. For a change, a film with super-natural story is before you in the form of Masani featuring Ramki, Akhil, Roja, Iniya, Sijarose, Sarathbabu, YG Mahendran, Adukalam Naren and others. The film has not been in news like many other small-films in the recent times. 

But the posters of the film have generated curiosity in the minds of audience as it has been a while where audience came across a super-natural genre film. This factor made people to wait for the release. Now, let us see what the Tamil film has to offer. Read on for the review... There is a village in Salem district where sculptors come to complete the Amman statue. The headman of the place, Sarath Babu with his Roja wants them to complete the work, but unfortunately who ever tries to work on the stature, they get killed or they ran out of the village. 

The troubles are caused by a ghost. Why? There is a flashback where we are told about a couple and their broken love. This forms the main plot of the story. Director K Padmaraja has brought out various factors into the story like myth, beliefs and has tried to give realistic look to the film. By roping in seasoned actors, the filmmaker has brought out best from his artists.

The screenplay is not engaging. With the slow start, the film fails to hold the audience attention for long. Nonetheless, there are spine-chilling moments, which is the sole highlight of the film.

Ramki, who is returning after a while, has come out with flying colours. Iniya matches up with his performance as she is very impressive in her role.

Akhil is good in his role and he has given a mature performance. Y Gee Mahendran's character is good and is brilliant at parts. N Fazil's background score is good.

Sarath Babu and Aadukalam Naren have played their parts well. For a change, Roja will be seen in the negative role and she does her job well.

Verdict: The movie fails to create scary atmosphere. Adding to that graphic works are not up to the mark. Overall, it's not worth a watch in theatre.

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