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Miruthan (U/A)



1 hrs 49 mins

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19 Feb 2016
Critics Reviews Audience Reviews Updated: March 09, 2016 02:31 PM IST

Jayam Ravi comes up with a refined performance. Kudos to the actor for not overdoing his job as a movie like Miruthan might force you to exaggerate things.

Lakshmi Menon too, is a class act. Fear is an emotion that may grip you throughout this film and Lakshmi Menon helps accentuate that feel. Comedy sequences have worked in parts, which is an added advantage amidst shooting and gore. Imman's background score is impressive as it is apt for a movie like Miruthan.

Overall View: It's refreshing to see our own version of a good zombie movie. Thanks to Shakti Soundar Rajan, more such exciting films will be made in Tamil cinema in the near future.

The film opens with a lot of promise as we are shown a dog turning into a ferocious beast after getting infected by toxic wastes which then bites a man who becomes a zombie and starts a chain of human infections.

One has to say that after the powerful roles in ‘Thani Oruvan’ and ‘Bhooloham’ this is sort of a demotion for Jayam Ravi, as the script demands him to just be a one man army against thousands of zombies and is only required to constantly fire his guns throughout the movie.

Shakthi Soundarrajan who borrows heavily from Hollywood, has this time lifted ‘Night of the Living Dead’ but has completely thrown logic out of the window.

Verdict : This zombie flick infects you with boredom for most parts, but makes amends in the last half hour thanks to Jayam Ravi’s riveting performance in that portion.

Jayam Ravi shines in this film with his earnest efforts in depicting a traffic cop who is loaded with the moral responsibility of rescuing people from the dangers to risking his life for his loved ones. The seasoned actor that he is, Ravi demonstrates the nuances of emotions finely.

For audiences who have not seen Hollywood zombie films, Miruthan would be a new experience. And kudos definitely to Shakthi Sounder Rajan for attempting something different from the usual themes that Tamil cinema is known to churn out film after film.

Verdict: A new attempt in Tamil cinema that has its share of thrills

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