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23 Feb 2007
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Muruga is another love story where the young hero Murugan (played by new face Ashok) falls in love with his schoolmate Amudha (Shruti Sharma), a rich girl in Rameswaram. Amudha doesnt reciprocate his love. Not only that, she openly denies in public. The news of Murugan's love spreads and reaches her familu members, In retaliation, Amudha's uncle (played by Selvam) steps in and permenantly banishes Murugan and his mother from the village.

Murugan settles down in Chennai and gets a delivery boys job in a courier company. He thought that he would never met Amutha in his life again. But in Chennai, he happens to meet Amudha again in a medical college where he delivers letters. Forgetting the past unpleasantness, the hero and heroine become good friends. The friendship turns into love. Murugan's affection foe her makes her stronger. Amudha completes medicine and returns to the village. When she gets there, she sees that wedding preparations are on to get her married with Selvam. The movie ends with both of them getting married with Amudhas fathers blessing. The climax of the movie forces tha father to give them What factors forced the father to accept the love is the twist in the climax.

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