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Navarasa Thilagam (U)



2 hrs 39 mins

Audience Review

105 Ratings

Release Date

19 Feb 2016
Critics Reviews Audience Reviews Updated: March 09, 2016 02:34 PM IST

Ma Ka Pa Anand plays that cliched role you can find in every alternative comical Tamil flicks and the character played by Karunakaran, who plays the hero's sidekick is no exception.

Cinematography by A Ramesh is passable. But one might feel that the cameraman should've used more vibrant colours to accentuate the beauty of villages captured.

Overall View: Navarasa Thilagam is a cliched comedy flick that succeeds in making you laugh only in parts.

'Navarasa Thilagam' is that kind of a film which aspires to be funny, throughout, where everything starts as a comedy and ends as a comedy. There hardly 6-7 serious scenes in the film. But thankfully things happening in the name of making fun are really bearable and even laughable at times if not hilarious.

Siddharth Vipin makes a mark with the character of a spoilt youngster who does stupid things and gets into mess often. It is his character that the script depends heavily for comedy and Vipin fairly succeeds in accomplishing the responsibility.

Verdict : 'Navarasa Thilagam' is a 'Kalavani' kind of film which is not as entertaining but a watchable film that engages the viewer in most parts.

Navarasa Thilagam is yet another glorification of the wastrel. It has yet another TV personality-turned-actor playing the lead. And, yet another educated heroine character falls for this uneducated, unambitious guy, who proudly proclaims to his friend his only goal in life is to make 16 babies with this girl!

A derivative film that borrows a lot from the films of Sundar C, Ezhil and Ponram, Navarasa Thilagam is a film that thinks of itself as a comedy while not making an effort to be one.

Ma Ka Pa, to his credit, tries hard to make us believe that he is the low-budget producer's Sivakarthikeyan, but Karunakaran is wasted in the role of a comedy sidekick, with the script never letting the character do anything substantial.

This movie is all about a guy who fall in love with a girl and what happened next to him for that you have to watch the movie but I am promising you that this movie surely can make you laugh and you will enjoy the trip and that’s not my word you can ask anyone who know about this movie.

Good comedy and that’s the reason why makers are excited to see audience reaction. Good writing and direction work by the director Kamran.

Final verdict- Movie has good story, direction and also no kissing scene and that make this movie a complete family package so if you want to enjoy your weekend with family and friends than I am sure you have to watch this movie.

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