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Pachaikili Muthucharam

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16 Feb 2007
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Sarath Kumar works hard as a Medical representative succeeding in all his efforts. He is never worried about the future, but keen on enjoying the present. He spends his time with his family - a beautiful wife Andrea and a young son very happily. But all his happiness vanishes one day when his son faints at his home. Andrea takes him to the hospital, the doctors conduct some tests and finally they disclose to Sharath that his son is suffering from Juvenile Diabetes. To cure this, they have to inject insulin daily. After this shock, their life style changes totally. Sarath tries to retain normalcy in the family, but Andrea cocoons herself. Both decide to live their entire life only for their son.

One day Sarath met Jyothika - a married girl tolerating a doubting husband - in his usual train journey. Her charming looks stunned Sarath and they slowly fell in love with every consecutive meeting. One day Sarath and Jyo go for a long drive and stay in a resort, a dacoit, Milind Soman forcibly enters the room. He loots all their money. After he realizes that both are not husband and wife he assaults Sarath and rapes Jyothika in front of helpless Sarath. After this cruel day, Milind continues to threaten and swindle Sarath's savings. One day, Sarath confesses everything to his wife who leaves him immediately after hearing all the facts. Sarath hopefully fights to get back his wealth as well as his wife.

Does he succeed in his efforts? The remaining part of the film has unbelievable twists and shocking truths, which make the film quite enjoyable.

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