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    Critics Review

    • Chandran and Anandhi, who had put up an impressive performance in Prabu Solomon’s Kayal, are back as a pair again in Rubaai. This time the director has turned producer, while Anbazhagan is at the helm.

      Rubaai has an interesting plot, with a few engaging scenes. But the interchanging romantic and thrilling scenes do not work always. Anbazhagan has managed to link elements like friendship, deceit, love and greediness and entertain to a good extent.
    • Kayal Chandran probably accepted the role because it is the production of his mentor Prabhu Solomon, as there is nothing for him to do except almost ogle at Anandhi most of the times or spread his hands wide and shake his legs during the song bits. Throughout the film he does not get a chance to score anywhere for no fault of his.

      The major pluses of ‘Rubaai’is the natural performances of the cast throughout and the quality technical work of the crew. The forced tragic climax also does not make the slightest impact whatsoever.
    • The film drives home a point that greed for money is the root cause of all evil. Anbazhagan’s dialogues are good and he does not go overboard and is never preachy. The first half moves slowly. But, the tragic climax looks forced and is not creating the necessary impact.

      Imman’s music especially his BGM elevates the proceedings.
    • The lead pair is also rather underwhelming, as a result of which there is little emotional investment. That these portions serve as a function of moving the story forward isn’t in question though, and D Imman’s background score does help a lot.

      Perhaps with better lead actors and sharper dialogues, this film could have been a real paisa vasool. In its present form, it’s just all right.
    • This thought is reinforced by the three story-lines in this film. Harish Uthaman is a gangster out to get his loot; Chandran needs some money to pay off his debts, while Anandhi and Chinni Jayanth spend their life running away from creditors.

      Rubaai, while not quite as in-your-face as Saattai, nonetheless manages to be a nice little thriller, and the better D Imman film this week.

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