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Saithan (U/A)



2 hrs 5 mins

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01 Dec 2016
Critics Reviews Audience Reviews Updated: July 03, 2017 03:38 PM IST

Dinesh(Vijay Anthony) is a successful software engineer who has huge knowledge in trouble shooting with all the leads a big data and algorithmic challenges handled by him and his boss.

Dinesh marries a simple homemaker Aiswarya (Arundhati Nayar) and makes the life happy. Just after his marriage Dinesh starts hearing weird voices from his brain which ask him to kill himself.

The experience gets peculiar and even extraordinary which frustrates Dinesh and flips around his reality.

Conceptually, Saithan is quite similar to Anegan, which also involved past life regression, mind-altering drugs and revenge; even the heroes’ professional background is similar.

For almost two thirds of its run time, Pradeep Krishnamoorthy treats it more like a psychological horror film. He is also more interested in mood-building, narrating his tale with a minimal set-up and solid production values.

The shift in tone is jarring, but thankfully, it doesn’t derail the film.

If a horror film has to work, it has to either rely on either science or paranormal to explain the supernatural happenings that the audience sees during its course.

The fact that the ‘voices’ that Dinesh encounters are shown in the done-to-death ‘Ring’ format of a scary ghost with its hands sticking out of TV is also a stretch.

The director’s inability to mould the first half artfully so that post-interval the film seems like a natural progression is my one big grouse with the film.

The storyline of Saithan is intriguing by itself. It is appalling, savvy and grossly unsettling. At places, you may not like what you see and even wonder if the film is losing its track but you will not wink your eyes even once and that is mainly because of the story.

Noticeable skill has gone into the making of Saithan. The BGM is largely impressive and sets the mood very well.

Verdict: A tantalizing script, but with a weak flashback and a cinematic climax!

Vijay Antony is a self proclaimed actor of limited capabilities and his strength is he knows his weaknesses and plays within himself, and thus his performance both as Dinesh and Sharma is near flawless.

In all his movies Vijay Antony has delivered at least two hit songs that linger in the mind, but in ‘Saithan’ his touch is missing.

Verdict: Go for it - An engaging thriller that keeps you tied in for most parts

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