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Singam 3 (U)



1 hrs 45 mins

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Release Date

09 Feb 2017
Critics Reviews Audience Reviews Updated: February 15, 2017 12:53 PM IST

Well, Suriya never disappoints us. Even in Singam 3, it is his power-packed, energy-filled performance that saves the movie in many occasions. Newcomer Thakur Anurag Singh looked perfect foil for the fearless cop Durai Singam.

First thing first, Singam 3 isn't a different cop tale and the movie follows the exact pattern of the previous two films of the franchise, but this time offering a wide platform to Durai Singam to show his heroics.

Verdict Singam 3 is sure to entertain the fans of Singam franchise. With Suriya in full-form, Singam 3 packs the same punch like its prequels.

Singam 3 starts with a death of a sincere policeman and Durai Singam starts to investigate it. The film starts from Tamilnadu and then travels to Andhra Pradesh. It ends in Australia. Durai Singam faces a new challenge and how he solves it forms the plot.

Singam franchise always had interesting cast and the character are not weakly built. Singam 3 also has lot of characters and everyone had done a decent job.

Final Verdict: Overall Durai Singam has an entertaining story to tell and he serves well this time.

The Singam series consists of superficial cop stories. To enjoy it, you will have to distance yourself from reality. The treatment could be loud and not practically possible, but you get 100% action packed fun.

Though Hari has understood that and reduced the number of comedy scenes, none of the few that were shown in this film attracts you and sometimes even annoys you. The editor does have a major work to do as he has so many scenes to maneuver around than a normal commercial film.

Verdict: Duraisingam strikes again! Suriya and Hari don't disappoint you in this Singam franchise.

Hari’s way of dealing the screenplay has always been with pace, short scenes, punch dialogues and enough masala to cater all kind of audiences. In Si3 he has retained his usual manner of storytelling, it’s all about the chronicles of Duraisingham, the rest of the pieces just stick around him.

Singham franchise was built on a large star cast and Si3 is no different, this time Soori, Krish and Roboshankar join the league.

Verdict : Si3 marks Duraisingham’s return, after a slow moving first half the second half works for its creamy action sequences and racy screenplay.

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