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2 hrs 23 mins

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24 Aug 2017
Critics Reviews Audience Reviews Updated: August 28, 2017 11:30 AM IST

Vivegam takes its own time to engage the audiences. From halfway down the first half, audiences can fasten their seatbelt for an action-filled ride. Action sequences are the major highlight of the movie, along with the mass moments offered by Ajith.

Watch out for the pre-interval sequence, which offers an adrenaline rush, for all the fans of the star. On the flip side, there are certain logical loopholes in the movie, questioning the common sense of the audiences. Moreover, it was not at all convincing to see the foreigners mouthing some Tamil dialogues.

Verdict If you wish to see Ajith in a full-fledged stylish avatar and some stunning actions sequences, Vivegam will serve as the right choice for you.

Vivegam is an over-the-top but engaging action thriller with a calculated mix of brawn and brain, action and sentiment, smartly pandering to fans while giving families something to connect with.

Action is what Vivegam promises and it is what the film offers — bangs for every buck. And Ajith takes it upon himself to single handedly provide plenty of mass-hero moments and innumerable punch dialogues.

The film really takes off in the second half, by when we have gotten used to its loudness.

The plot looks quite compelling, although the storyline makes you think that it is inspired from spy thrillers like Salt, one has to accept the fact, it perfectly suits Ajith's image. Probably it’s been a while since Ajith has got an intense character that keeps pushing, pushing, pushing him to greater feats every minute.

This film is mainly to celebrate Ajith. The man has given it all; with numerous complications in his body and to have gone the extra mile is highly commendable and it is something that his admirers would cherish for a very long time.

Verdict: High on production value and action. Heavily dependent on Ajith's persona, engagement factor takes a beating.

First things first, 'Vivegam' is not just a mass movie. It is packed with true international flavour and the story as well as narration is something new to Tamil cinema The film warrants keen watching as the story involves a lot of high technology concepts and details of international security agencies.

The biggest problem of the film is its predictable story and screenplay. Yes the story itself retains the international flavour as promised by the makers.

Verdict: Watch 'Vivegam' for its international flavour, Ajith and the action sequences.

Vivegam has a wafer thin storyline but is laced with what Siva calls “theatre moments” or scenes where fans will clap and whistle with joy. These sequences glorify Ajith, as he walks and talks stylishly mouthing punch lines in English and Tamil, with huge action set pieces that make him look invincible.

Vivegam is largely targeted at Ajith fans, and lacks logic. The film should have been better written and the climax is hurried. If you are looking for an action entertain with youe favourite star, it is worth a look.

Ajith is mind blowing on screen especially the efforts he has put in for this film is inevitable. Kajal Aggarwal gets a homely subtle wife role in which she scores with her proper lip-sync. Akshara Haasan’s role comes in as a delight which leads to two gripping scenes. Siva’s dialogues convey a lot of positive messages.

A grand scale commercial saga which contains Ajith’s massive screen presence but loses heavily in almost all other areas.

The storyline is written for a dozen action blocks — in fact, the film starts off with one such intense sequence. An illegal transaction is about to happen — and it takes an AK (Ajith, called Ajay Kumar in the film) to stop it.

Ajith’s punch dialogues seem more an attempt to communicate with his fans rather than go with the story. He repeats the now-famous ‘Ulagame Onna Edhirthalum’ on two occasions; both scenes don’t warrant it.

Never Ever Give Up. We just hope director Siva doesn’t take that line too seriously.

Siva’s intention to make an international film, on a scale Tamil cinema hasn’t witnessed so far, is truly commendable, but his writing is a huge let down. Despite great action, which is the film’s saving grace, the twists are very predictable and it gets worse post interval.

Vivek Oberoi, despite his earnest performance, is made to look like a joker in a poorly written role. He repeats his dialogues way too many times, and it’s quite irritating.

It’s Ajith’s show all the way and he packs a solid punch. Going by the visuals, the effort he has put in to play the part is quite evident.

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