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Thani Oruvan (U)

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28 Aug 2015
Critics Reviews Audience Reviews Updated: February 24, 2016 12:46 PM IST

The movie deals with a basic concept of good vs evil which has been narrated in an unique style. Jayam Ravi plays an upright IPS officer whose priority is to safeguard the serenity of his town.

Thani Oruvan is a technically strong film. Intriguing screenplay backed by engaging background score forms a lethal combination. Both first as well as second halves are fresh and manages to keep you hooked. Ramji's cinematography adds stability and also enhances the overall feel of the film.

Overall View: Thani Oruvan is a classified thriller which is new to Tamil cinema. The whole team deserves a pat on their back for pulling off a new age cinema while keeping all the commercial elements intact.

Jayam Ravi played the role of the protagonist Mithran IPS deserved lot of appreciations. His dialogue delivery and few facial expressions are so touching and getting applause from the audience straight away. To me the star of the show is Sidharth Abhimanyu, the antagonist played by our very own Aravind Swamy.

On the technical aspects, ‘Hip Hop Thamizha’ Aathi’s original music geared up the visuals and portrayed the maker’s vision in the right way.

Verdict: “The Lone Man” தனி ஒருவன் has its own potential to enter the list of one of the well made movies in Tamil Cine Industry. Do watch out without fail.

The tale of a good and honest cop fighting against an evildoer and do you think is something new to Tamil cinema. It’s one of the most fundamental elements of story in Indian film scenario. But what makes it precisely different from the ones we are talking about is unique style of crafting the tale and keeping the audiences engaged with some fresh and appealing scenes.

Jayam Ravi has always showcased an immense performance in his movies, especially with the ones that are so much emotionally punching. Nayantara on the other hand has been projected with a difference and she manages to carry her portions well, but yes, she can perform more than this. Aravind Swamy turns the spotlights towards him eclipsing the others in the cast. His performance is vivifying though little unconventional to see him a baddie.

Verdict: Unconventionally good, but could have been shorter

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