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18 Apr 2014
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Vadivelu plays the dual roles of a king (Maamannar) and his minister Thenaliraman. The kingdom's future is in trouble with the council of ministers planning a conspiracy against the king.

The first half of Thenaliraman is filled with loads of fun elements. His fans will blow whistles every now and then.

Verdict: Thenaliraman is a complete family entertainer. It is a paisa-vasool film.

Vaigai Puyal Vadivelu returns after a brief hiatus to silver screens and to what he does best, entertaining the audience.

The story of Tenali Raman and his brainpower is familiar to quite a few and Yuvaraj has translated some of them interestingly on to the silver screen. In fact, those episodes look good on screen and dialogues from Vadivelu’s old films have been intelligently interspersed.

Verdict: Vadivelu’s comeback vehicle works in parts.

There was a time when the audience used to go for a movie, just because Vadivelu is a part of the cast. Due to pressurizing circumstances, Vadivelu had to stay away from films for about 2 years.

He shows tremendous versatility and marked difference between the two characters he portrays.

Bottomline: Tenali Raman is worth watching for Vadivelu, who is at his best.


When an actor returns to the screens after a two-year gap, we expect him to choose a vehicle worthy of a comeback. Vadivelu seems to have gone for a safer option and so comes with a film that feels like a less funny and bloated version of his own Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi.

Tenaliraman is somewhat amusing, especially if you like loud comedy. But the laughs are far and few as director Yuvaraj is in a confusion — should he stay true to the narrative or play up the comedic prowess of his hero?

So, we hardly feel anything is at stake. In fact, the climax is one of the least exciting endings in recent times.

Vadivelu is back with a bang in Tenaliraman playing a dual role as a king and his intelligent minister who saves him on many occasions. Director Yuvaraj has largely succeeded because making a comedy film work depends largely on the script and plot gimmicks.

Tenaliraman (Vadivelu) is an intelligent guy and a rebel leader who is fighting a battle against Maamannar (Vadivelu) the King who has no time for his people and is controlled by his corrupt ministers.

Verdict: On the whole, Tenaliraman is perfect family outing this summer, as some laughs are guaranteed. Watch it for Vadivelu!

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