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Theri (U)



2 hrs 38 mins

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14 Apr 2016
Critics Reviews Audience Reviews Updated: September 30, 2016 11:39 AM IST

Vijay, leading a simple life, has a hidden past. He then turns into a man full of vengeance. Why is he on a revenge seeking spree and what is his past? Revealing the answers to these questions might deter you from watching the film.

Nainika's performance is another highlight of Theri. The cute little girl's propinquity with her father, played by Vijay, is the soul of this action entertainer. Mahendran's much anticipated acting debut is not spectacular to say the least. However, his dialogues are a screamer for which Atlee has to be credited.

Overall View: Getting inspired is absolutely understandable. But, depending on the inspiration in order to sell your own product is a matter of grave concern. With a tried and tested storyline and an ordinary screenplay Theri is far from what was expected. However, it has all the ingredients required for a family entertainer.

Vijay is the real Theri of the film; he brings in that spark to the floor. He sports three different makeovers and if his third get up had not been revealed in the trailer, there could have been a surprise element for the audience. Be it as a loving father or as an honest fearless cop or as a caring husband, Vijay shines in every frame.

The Theri man has given his best. Overall a performance that will satisfy all center audiences and it is the most convincing cop avatar Vijay has portrayed.

Atlee must be lauded for handling the emotional scenes very well, but few such scenes look a little force fitted and dramatic taking the pace away.

Verdict: A little predictable, but an enjoyable mass ride with Vijay aka Vijay Kumar aka Joseph Kuruvilla

The first half of Theri has been completely emotional and slow in pace. The scenes between Vijay and Nainika have been shot exceptionally well and the director took his time to unfold the plot which makes the audience left irritated.

The action episodes during the introduction and the interval have been stupendous and they leave a strong impact. The songs have been beautiful and they have been placed well. On the whole the complete first half of Theri has been decent but not beyond the expectations.

Final Verdict : Theri is a movie that has been packed with enough dose of action and emotions. But the film lacks proper narration during the second half which makes it just average.

Somehow Atlee continues being the master of Flashbacks from in ‘Raja Rani’ and same goes for Theri too; the sequences are rich in every aspect a commercial cinema can ask for. Vijay’s entry as "Vijay Kumar IPS" is one of the highlights of the movie; rather than indulging the baddies with a fistfight he takes up the cane, goes around the goons and asks some basic questions from 5th grade, that’s simple yet fair amount of mass served Vijay style.

Atlee charms with his dialogues he comes up as a very good writer. His pen has made the right impact in every scene especially those stressing the importance of family values, parenting etc are highly commendable.

Verdict: Ergo, Theri gets going with a promising start, loses steam after the interval block. In all an above average entertained from Atlee & co.

Thanks to its slick presentation Atlee has a cleverly crafted a predictable story which plays to the galleries. However it is Vijay’s outstanding charisma and performance in two different characters that makes the film a superior commercial cinema.

Vijay’s scorching screen-presence and his infectious energy is the highlight. Nainika is super cute. Samantha in a clichéd role as Vijay's lover and wife who gets killed gets her fair share of screen time.

Theri review: Verdict: Paisa Vasool

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