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Thoonga Vanam (U)



2 hrs 27 mins

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136 Ratings

Release Date

10 Nov 2015
Critics Reviews Audience Reviews Updated: January 04, 2016 01:10 PM IST

Kamal Haasan delivers what is expected from him. But stars like Prakash Raj, Kishore and Sampath have shone throughout by coming up with believable performances.

Special mention goes to Trisha, for the actress after taking up a challenging role has delivered the goods. Screenplay by Kamal Haasan will keep you guessing throughout which has worked like a spell for this particular movie. Watch out for the pre-climax portions.

Overall View: Without any songs and romantic sequences, Thoongaavanam is not your regular Tamil film. After all, who else other than Kamal Haasan can make a Kollywood flick look truly international?

Everyone loves the quote and if there's anyone who's like the quote, it is Ulaganayagan. Kamal plays Diwakar, a veteran official of the Narcotic Control Bureau. With Kamal, the audience gets into the character of Diwakar.

Trisha's makeover as an officer of the NCB adds spice to the movie watching experience. Prakash Raj as Vittal Rao, is no stereotypical mafioso. He portrays arrogance, feels fear and struggles with pain.

Verdict: There are thrills and surprises worth experiencing in this Thoongavanam

Thoongavanam doesn't quite fall in the suspense category; rather it's more of a raw gritty action drama that chugs on with the help of a strong edge of the seat screenplay.

The entire film is taken in a massive night club and follows the incidents that unravel in a single night with Kamal trying to use his mental and physical might to get the better out of the drug warlord Prakash Raj on one hand and the cops.

Verdict : Unlimited action guaranteed.

Variety said it “starts in high gear and accelerates steadily from there.” That’s certainly not the case with Thoongavanam, and part of the reason is surely Kamal Haasan’s inability to rein in the Kamal-isms, as I like to call them — those little asides that are the cinematic equivalent of daydreaming during a final exam.

It’s a revolving-door thriller, with a breathless series of entries and exits. But for a while, the smoothness of the writing doesn’t translate to screen.

The real games, though, are the ones Kamal Haasan continues to play with his audience, with teasing autobiographical hints and touches that invite theses.

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