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    Deshbandhu 2017-05-04 12:51:10
    its awesome movie and i always like this.. in my opinion all of its character played by actors are awesome. hope you all like this.
    Mrithika 2015-05-16 23:10:21
    Hiranyayah Namaha!

    Hi dear friends and movie buffs, having fallen in love with the UttamaVillain at firstLOOK, it was unfortunate of me not getting a chance to watch it first day first show (due to my foot injury). Anyways, this time lapse helped me read the reviews of every criticstars.... which mercilessly ripped the making and the script (Ewww.. !). I don't normally appreciate opining on a movie publicly, criticising or even writing a review. That is one of the reasons i post it late as am very keen not to affect the expectations of the fans and audience. Alright, here i am happy to share half of what i went thru this Phenomenal Cinema :)

    In the darkness i felt my heartbeat echo all around... yeah the BGM i fell for earlier made me forget to applaud but sink in my seat (thank god i have the habit of reaching earlier atleast to the movies). Sooner was tossed this fun song "Single Kisskey Loveah"
    Ramanathan 2015-05-05 13:54:15
    Movie is in a different league. Kamal deserves a lot of credit for the way he has gone about things. How I wished the movie was only about the social problems of a star can't be explained. There's always some dead air. Makes you crouch but has some stellar performances. Andreah is a clear misfit. Riveting writing and acting from Kamal. Superb core. Editing and direction are just about OK. 4/5.
    Kumar 2015-05-03 23:10:09 industry touches a new low with this movie . A precious actor like Kamal has been wasted . What a trauma to watch this for three hours . Nasser has tried his best as a comedian but honestly he sucks. cannot express the grief after watching this movie .
    Ashok 2015-05-03 09:15:46
    Excellent movie. Different from meaningless and routine movies. Unpredictable story line. Kamal is going to win national award. Music outstanding. Relax and enjoy. Don't miss this movie to watch in a theatre. What a great artist - Kamal.
    jothi 2015-05-02 10:20:45
    good movie to watch. All songs are very good and show Kamal talent.
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