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Vasuvum Saravananum Onna Padichavanga (U)

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14 Aug 2015
Critics Reviews Audience Reviews Updated: January 04, 2016 02:58 PM IST

As the title of the film suggests, Arya and Santhanam are childhood friends and the entire movie revolves around them.

This is yet another M Rajesh's movie where Santhanam drives the entire story with his amazing one liners and body language. Bhanu has done her part pretty well but Tamannaah has gone overboard at places while portraying her character.

Cameraman Nirav Shah has used his angles pretty well to elevate some ordinary scenes. His usage of colors stand out throughout the movie. Background score by Imman is catchy and has worked out well in Vasuvum Saravananum Onna Padichavanga.

Overall, Vasuvum Saravananum Onna Padichavanga offers you nothing new and yet makes you laugh at most places and hence can be termed as a trademark Rajesh film.

The film's story revolve around its title itself, which revolves around the life two childhood school friends Vasu and Saravanan, played by Santhanam and Arya respectively. Their happy bachelor life comes to an end with the entry of the Santhanam's wife who demands him to unfriend Arya.

Being the 25th film of Arya, the film has given a good break to the actor. His innocent expressions and timely the 'comedy piece' smile presented a lol moment to the audience.

The master of comedy, director M. Rajesh presented the movie in an out-and-out humorous style. Though he has used a title which rings similar to that of a liquor, the film has nothing to do with alcohol. As promised by the makers of the film, the film had no single scene of smoking.

Verdict: A 'semma kalai' from Arya-Santhanam-Rajesh

VSOP tracks the love lives of two friends, played by Arya and Santhanam. Holding onto the one-liner about balancing friendship and love, Rajesh spins off a 2-odd hour entertainer which engages to an extent. The film basically moves on from scene to scene, without any rationale.

Santhanam is the star of the film, bringing the roof down with his witty quips. His body language and mannerisms are enough to tickle you up, as the man has brought himself back as a comedian through VSOP.

Muktha Bhanu and Karunakaran who slide in at places, are decent. Yet, Vishal’s cameo at the end isn’t something to celebrate upon.

Verdict: Watchable badinage.

Arya (as Saravanan) and Santhanam (as Vasu) are thick friends who are much vexed with life due to their love. Tamannaah (as Aiswarya) and Bhaanu (as Seema) play the love interest of Arya and Santhanam respectively.

The witty dialogues and the way the screenplay s framed, that engages the audience well clearly shows that the director Rajesh is clear winner with VSOP. Though it has little resemblance of SMS, BEB and OKOK (his previous 3 movies), still the movie VSOP welcomes you to get gripped with the laugh riot script.

On the gap, there is little forgivable when there is lot of time to laugh.. VSOP assures you that..

Over all, VSOP is a perfect weekend entertainer with your family or friends gang.

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