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01 Feb 2007
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Many actors in film industry has quit the industry voluntarily after they became father of a teen-age hero. But Vijaya T.Rajender is different from others. At a time when his son Simbu is singing duets with glamourous heroines, he has made a comeback. It is the fate of Tamil film goers to tolerates this nonsense. Nobody would deny TR's efficiency, musical taste and powerful dialogues. When those are performed by others through TR, it will surely be enjoyable. But this time TR has directed himself. Nobody is there to control him. So naturally over confidence or over enthusiasm can destroy the successfullness of such a film. Vijaya T Rajendhar, acting in the title role, is an advocate and a local MLA. He is always doing good things to the people whom he sorrounds. His sister Sheela falls in love with a pimp's brother Ajees. After coming to know about their affair, Veerasaamy tries to object to it but is not successfull. The pimp criminally plans to marry Meghna and Ajees. Meanwhile, Meghna falls in love with Arun. A naive Meghna enacts a drama and separates Arun from Veerasaami's sister.

Parellel Story: Mumtaj, a glamorous neighbor who has been watching Veerasamy for a long time, attracted by his "goodies", falls in love on him. Up in arms against her family members, Mums leads a different life staying away from them. A sequence of events leads to a local rowdy winning the local elections and in the process defeating Veerasaami and eventually marrying Mumtaj. Unable to bear his physical abuse and torture, Mumtaj plans to walk away from her husband. Veerasaami then takes the responsibility of setting things right in both the families. Does he succeed in his mission and what sacrifices he was compelled to make, is what the story ends with. That you will have to watch and see!!!

One can't compare this film with his earlier commercial hits like Thangaikore Geetham or Mythili Ennai Kaathali. Veerasaami is a kind of movie, which is sure to provide a quaint relishing experience for the audience who will enjoy watching Vijaya T Rajendhar romance, run around the trees, flexing his muscles and delivering typical 'TR' dialogues. The audience can be enjoy this film like watching a recorded dance programm.

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