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Gana Ulaganathan makes clean sweep

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Courtesy: Cinesouth
Monday, March 20, 2006

Ever since bird flu put a panic into people, everyone is flocking to the fish market. If you turn on the TV, the topic is fish. Wearing a yellow shirt and singing about marriage between a 'val meen and a vilangu meen,' 'Gana' Ulaganathan has everyone from kids to toothless old people swaying to his music. If such is the reception for his program on TV, imagine what would happen if 'Gana' Ulaganathan were to perform in person.

The scene is Gopikrishna theatre in Chennai. The viewers are relaxing after the 'Chithiram Pesudhadi' intermission. Suddenly the stage in front of the screen is bathed in light. 'Chithiram Pesudhadi' director Mishkin, producer Srikanth and the actors come up on stage. And the person who made the rasikas dance was 'Gana' Ulganathan. The actors thanked the rasikas for coming to see their film. By that time, the theatre was resounding with voices singing 'val meen vilangu meen.' A happy 'Gana' Ulaganathan raised his hands and started singing and the theatre rocked with the music. Just like in the film, with his frozen looks Muthuraja held the mike for 'Gana' Ulaganathan and that lent to the liveliness of the program.

With just one song 'Gana' Ulaganathan had entered the hearts of the people, a rare feat achieved by an actor. And the cash box of Gopikrishna is filling up too!

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