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    Reema Sen in splits

    By Staff

    Courtesy: Cinesouth

    Wednesday, November 15, 2006

    Have you seen, the situation has worsened in Srilanka?

    India was vociferous in protesting against North Korea's nuclear activity but is just sitting around watching hundreds of innocent Tamilians being killed. I feel upset about this.

    Can't these political happenings be made into a film?

    No govt will tolerate outspoken voices against it. Like Selvamani's Kutra Pathrikai is still languishing in the cans for years.

    What's the solution?

    One has to ignore, wear ear studs like Simbu and sing 'loosu penne loosu penne'!

    Whatever happened to the kadavul matter?

    Which god do you refer to? Hindu, Christian or Muslim?

    I'm referring to film Nan Kadavul.

    Oh! You mean Bala's kadavul! Arya is still the hero. They are going off to Kasi on 19th for shooting. Funny thing is, Bala is planning a Feb release!

    What's so funny about that? Maybe he's planning a Feb 2008 release!

    Shanti, your mind works in wondrous ways in these small matters!

    So your brain is sharp when it comes to big matters?

    Wow! Your guess is so right!

    Tell this to Reema Sen. She will enjoy it.

    Reema Sen?

    Ya! She loves comedy. With Vadivelu, she has done great comedy in Rendu.

    Will it make one laugh?

    I don't know that. But Reema laughed so much during takes that she almost had a tummy ache from laughing!

    Sundar C's films are generally comedy genre. By the way, do you know about the Aishwarya Rai-Abhishek Bachchan dance?

    They dance whenever they have free time. They danced in Chennai also at a hotel disco.

    This is a dance in Brazil.

    Why did they go there?

    They had gone to Brazil for song scenes in Dhoom II.

    You are talking about a dance in this film?


    You call this great news? Stupid. I have some real news for you.

    What's that?

    Kamal's going to US for Dasavataram.

    They are shooting there?

    Yes. A bird whispered that Kamal is having a get-up like George Bush.

    When you go to work, check and tell me if the 'Muruga' film banner is near the Tarapore Towers on Mount Road.

    Anything special?

    It shows a cop dunking someone in slush. A lawyer has filed a case that this is violation of human rights.

    This applies even for hoardings? My! Now, if I don't rush to work, they will be breathing down my neck, so, see you!

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