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devi priya vindicates herself

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By: Settu Shankar
Thursday, February 22, 2007
In an exclusive interview, Devi Priya has said that she is not living under the shelter of Radhika, Chairman of Radaan Media work. She alleged, with a lot of anger,that the overhype over her issue was absolute rubbish and was totally fabricated by the media. This is the entire interview...

Why are you hiding? How long will this continue?

I never expected that I will be living in hiding. Now I'm living in a den but I have no regrets about leading this kind of a life. Infact, I am leading this kind of a life only because of Isaac. I am willing to go through this I will ready to face more problems like this for Isaacs sake

What about your sister Meena Kumari? People say that she is already married with Issac. You have denied that all the way...The photos published portray a different story. What is true and what is not?

Meena Kumari is my own sister. 3 years back, Issac wanted to marry her and they got to know each other well. But after sometime, she decided against getting married to him. She took that decision on her own. After taking that decision, her relationship with him hasnt turned foul. Even now, the three of us have a great time at the beach. There is nothing wrong in doing that. The photos that have been published by the media have been doctored.

People also say that Radhika has sheltered you in her house. Is it true?

That is false. Radhika is only the head of the TV serial production company that I work for. She does not have anything to do with this situation. Please let me make this clear to all.

What do you have to say about the charges levelled against you?

All these charges are fabricated. They are not true. You people should think rationally and publish nothing but the truth. I will definitely prove that they are all false. I have never been involved with neither Stella's nor Hema Malini's life. They are only trying to defame me.

Have you got married with Issac on Feb 19th?

Yes...We both got married in a church near Chennai.I later came to know that the police denied this. How could the police know my about my so called secret marriage?. In fact I didn't marry him secretely. There were many of our close friends present at that time.

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