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    Pearls of Star- Wisdom

    By Super Admin

    Friday, April 20, 2007
    To praise someone too much is one way of aggravating someone else." - Marlon Brando

    The world's big time actors like Charlie Chaplin and Marlon Brando were also great thinkers. In public life too, they created a sensation with their observations and in many an instance, were subject to criticism too. That brings to mind, many of the so-called profound statements made by our very own stars.

    One case in point is the pearls of wisdom Shriya has been generally spreading around and we will compare what other stars say with her as a starting point.

    After Shriya got signed on with Rajini, she became the darling of the media. They asked her questions ranging from economics to social issues. All this sudden attention made Shriya think she had become a social activist. So in recent times, she has even been talking about water issues, on how to use water sparingly, water is the elixir of life, without water there is no life and so on. She is the one who danced and sang in a meaningless film called Mazhai where truck loads of lakhs of litres of water was wasted without a second thought. Revelling in getting drenched in this water with figure hugging wet clothes, this same Shriya talks about the merits of using water economically.

    "Laziness and small vices are what is spoiling this country. The only way to progress is to punish these offenders." Who said this? Was it Abdul Kalam or Amartya Sen? It is our own Chiyan who commented like this in Anniyan on seeing a sleeping man in the park and one who spat on the street.

    These words of wisdom were made much of by the press and it lasted for about 3 months. Then the same Chiyan made an atrocious remark that there is thrill in doing small thefts. This was in Maja where he plays a petty thief. One is to infer from this that if Vikram plays a thief, it is not wrong to steal. But if he dons a khaki uniform, even sending his wife alone to a theatre is unthinkable. One cannot question all these changes in attitude as the role dictates the behavior.

    There are some who spend their time championing the cause of animals. Important animal activists include Amala and Trisha who champion the cause of stray dogs even if they are menacing. But there's a doubt. Why this sympathy only for dogs? What about the mutton and chicken that they gorge for lunch every day? Are they not animals too? If one has to show sympathy for all creatures, one should not kill mosquitoes and cockroaches too.

    Dogs are being given all this attention because of the recent spate of attacks by wild, stray dogs on children, some fatal. Many actresses are canvassing for the cause of these wild dogs. They do not encounter stray dogs any time on the streets or anywhere near their person. They travel everywhere by car. It is the poor street people who become victims of these ferocious dogs. If these activists spend 4 days in the streets and come face to face with the unpleasantness, they will surely reconsider their passion for the strays.

    When we speak about pearls of wisdom, we cannot overlook Isaignani and the superstar. Both have spirituality in common. At every given opportunity, they have pleasure in saying money, fame, everything is an illusion and run away with massive applause.

    If money and fame are illusions, why hold on to all that abundance of wealth? Why not give some to those who need it? But they do not do that. They are amassing that for their children and grandchildren and then speak about wealth being an illusion. Who is taken in by this hogwash? One thing has been observed. Only after getting wealth and fame beyond words do these eminents spout such pearls of wisdom. This did not strike them when they waited eagerly at the start of their career for performance opportunities from film companies.

    At one function, this is what Rajini had to say about his trip to the Himalayas. "When we go into our bedroom, we feel like sleeping. When we go into the kitchen, we feel like eating. When we go to the pooja room, we feel like praying. Similarly when we go to the Himalayas, we are overcome by bhakti."

    Does that mean it is enough to have spiritual feeling only when going to the pooja room or the Himalayas? It is alright to loot the people but shower money in the temple hundi? It is enough to be a good person only in the temple precincts? It is strange that Rajini who speaks so much spirituality can act in a terrible film like Chandramukhi where he spouts a double meaning dialogue like "Put your legs close together. Only then it will be good" as he and another's wife go under a blanket to inhale steam.

    Spirituality does not exist only in the pooja room. It is prevalent everywhere. It's like air. If a person follows spirituality so closely, that person will not be able to spout double meaning dialogues like the one above and then once out of make-up, speak about the greatness of Baba. Such a person is only putting on an act.

    Let's now take a look at the black MGR who has come to save Tamilnadu. His main call is that he will eradicate corruption all over Tamilnadu. It's indeed sad that if you ask him to name one person in the film industry who has black money, he will not come up with an answer. He will not have the courage, since he himself has accepted fees in black and white! The list could go on endlessly, but we will stop right here. This is not to create trouble but to offer some food for thought!

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