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Muthulakshmi's life of hiding

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By: Settu Shankar
Friday, March 23, 2007
About your future plans?
So many bad things have happened in my life. But I don't want the same to return to my children's life in future. Due to this, I keep them far away from these surroundings. I wouldn't like to reveal the name of their school and other details also to the outside world. If I want to see them, I'm travel to their place and spend some time with them. Here in Mettur I'm living alone. But the people around me always protect me.

Last year I started a movement for the upliftment of the Tribals in the name of Tribal People Welfare Organization. The main aim of this organization is to protect the tribal people from the torture by police. They strive hard for their livelihood. But the police and forest officers exploit them and grab their properties illegally. I will continue to fight against such atrocities.

Have you felt sorry at any stage for leading this kind of a life?
Some times I feel it. But the fact is everybody faces such things in his or her life. It is a part of life. Right from the beginning, I have struggled for many things. Now I'm fighting for redeeming the rights of the Tribal people. Everybody around me is suffering. But I think there should be meaning in leading even this kind of a life. That is why I've chosen a new way. Now the tribal people have a strong belief in me. They think that a new dawn would appear soon in their lives that will end their eternal darkness. So I don't feel bitter about leading a life like this.

Have you got any invitation from the political parties?
Not one or two... many parties have invited me to join them. But I know the true colours of politics. Every political party is like a slaughter house. I don't want to be a mere scapegoat to them. I hate politics. They never do the right things for people. Every politician is like a blood sucker. They always try to use somebody for fulfilling their selfish goals. I don't want to be part of this evil force. The present politics is bereft of good leaders. Initially I would like to enter the Legislative Assembly for the sake of the people of my area. But I don't want to contest the polls on behalf of any political party. I had contested on my own from the Pennagaram constituency. But my first experience with elections revealed many bitter truths to me. It showed me the true colours of politics. I got 10000 votes in this election. After the defeat, I have decided to quit politics permanently. In future also, I have no plans about joining any political party.

There was news about your close link with the PMK...

At present I'm an individual without any political colour. Please set aside all such queries. I have no contacts with any of the political parties.

Have you been deceived by anybody?
In this world of 'commission', nobody is ready to help a lady like me. There are so many brokers here. Not one or two... many have cheated me and my husband. Financially, everybody took commissions from us. It is only now that I truly understand people.

How do you manage your livelihood?
My husband 'earned' a lot. But finally, we lost everything including his life. Money is not a problem for me. I'm not aiming for it also. Many big hands did cheat us for money. Now I'm running a tailoring shop to maintain my day-to-day life.

Would you like to meet any of the present political leaders?
Yes... I would like to meet Madam Sonia Gandhi. She is a person struggling like me in this male dominated world. She lost her husband and mother- in- law to the bullets of evil forces like I did my husband. Instead of sitting in a corner with tears in her eyes, she has stood firmly with confidence and became an iron lady for the country. I congratulate Madam Sonia for her confidence and mental agility. She has proved the power of a woman in this male dominated world. But I don't know through which channel I could meet her. Please trust me that there is no political motive in my desire to meet her.

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